Qualities: purity, virginity, chastity, motherly love, holiness of mother.
Gross expression: in women-uterus, in men-prostate gland.
Place on hand: just above heel of palm.
Manifestations: parasympathetic nervous system.
Causes of catch:  imbalance of sympathetic nervous system, false gurus, materialism, fanaticism, primitive thinking, no spiritual seeking, constipation and after-effects of sedentary habits (Right side); perversion of sex, sex before or without marriage, immorality, mental activity in sex, flirting, money or ego-oriented sex even with your own wife or husband (Left side).

The Mooladhara chakra is outside the mooladhara which is the abode of Kundalini. The triangular bone at the base of the spine in which it resides, the sacrum (kumbha), was called sacred by the ancient Latin people when they discovered that this bone did not burn with the rest of the body. This is the sanctuary of the Kundalini and it is inviolable. If unauthorised unwelcome advances are made to her, for instance by false gurus, through other chakras, the Kundalini rises but falls down, but through Mooladhara chakra (sex) if anyone tries to raise the Kundalini, she gets frozen and does not rise. If the advance persists it is likely that she will freeze altogether and she may never rise.

How can we realize the absolute purity and the supreme dignity of the Kundalini if we do not know how to respect her as our holiest and dearest mother who has been with us for ages, waiting for a chance to give us our rebirth.