Qualities: Principle of Primordial Master
Place on hand: base of fingers and outer ring on palm
Manifestations: fanaticism, fantasy, false gurus, faulty sustenance.  Void affects the Nabhi chakra in particular and also Swadisthana and centre heart.
Element: Water, fire

Within the instrument, the void is the gap between the Kundalini and the vagus nerve of the parasympathetic system.  It represents the Bhavasagara, the ocean of Creation, obscured by the veils of illusion (Maya), that vacuum which seperates our awareness from the Absolute while we are still in the unenlightened state.  It represents all space and time from the beginning of Creation to the peak of our evolution in human awareness, and contains the two centres of sun (Surya) and moon (Chandra) chakras.  The Void is created by the outermost circular movement of the Swadisthana around the Nabhi chakra.

All the great Prophets who came to give knowledge of the higher reality are placed here: Abraham, Moses, Lao-Tse, Janaka, Nanak, Mohammed, Sai Nath of Shirdi are all embodiments of the principle of Primordial Master (Adi Guru), and it is they who have taught us the ways of righteous living that mainatain the balance of our dharma.

When the Kundalini fills the Void and rises, our attention is led out of the confusion and Maya and into the awareness of that higher reality.  This movement has been symbolised in our evolution with Moses leading his people across the Red Sea.

Now, in Sahaja Yoga, we look to those great masters for guidance and knowledge of the divine statutes, and we can verify the truth of their knowledge through the new vibratory awareness.  The teachnings of the genuine masters, and even their names, give cool vibrations.  If we ask about false teachers or institutions who are organising religion in an unauthorised way in the name of even the real incarnations, the vibrations become hot or just stop.  Such falsehood breeds fanaticism.  Sahaja Yogis have to be normal people with respect for what is genuine, otherwise they lose the vibrations.  Because the vibrations are such an absolute judge, you can actually feel when something is true and when something is false.