Qualities: Sustenance (Dharma), Ten Commandments, righteousness, welfare, Wealth (Laxmi tatwa), seeking, evolution
Gross expression: Solar plexus.
Place on hand: Middle finger
Manifestations: Intestines, stomach, spleen, liver
Causes of catch: Family and household problems, money-mindedness, alcohol, dominating husband or wife, fanaticism, asceticism, fasting, too much interest in food
Number of Petals: Ten
Element: Water

Kundalini passes first through the Nabhi chakra, piercing it from side to side.  Through vibrations, after realisation, we gain real understanding of why and how a pure and righteous life should be led.  We truly realise the need for Dharma.  Thus wisdom grows within.

As guidelines to our realisation and subsequent way of life, we have the Ten commandments: the divine statutes that keep human beings in the centre.  Those who have always followed these principles of human sustenance achieve a powerful and lasting experience of Self-realisation.  And those who did not understand the need for Dharma before realisation now become aware of it.  It means that after realisation, if you do anything against Dharma your stomach revolts against it.  Actually, those who have tried to test their enlightened sustenance have been amazed to see how their stomach becomes sensitive to Adharma.  It can also be tested very clearly on vibrations.  These experiences convince you of your new human awareness.  Moreover, due to the manifestation of the Spirit’s beauty, one enjoys oneself so much that the seeker does not want to indulge in rubbish after tasting the nectar of life.

These precepts are there for you to follow, but you are still free.  In Sahaja Yoga you are your own judge and jury.  The vibrations state the case to you.  Then it is up to you in your wisdom to give the verdict and pass the sentence.  This is possible after realisation when you stop identifying with your weaknesses and become a witness to your self.  This is how the Last Judgement is manifesting.

Through the grace of Sri Laxmi, who is the power of Sri Vishnu, we get our physical and material well-being (Kshema). On the left of the chakra is the place of the Grihalaxmi-the wife, the Goddess of the Household. The wife must be respected and be the embodiment of respectability. We catch on this side of the chakra when we have problems in the household or if we worry too much about money. After realisation, we learn to have faith in Providence, that our Father, God Almighty is taking care of us. We gain the strength to face our responsibilities and start to enjoy the duties we must take on. We realise that the family, as the most important unit in our society, has to be supported, and must flourish in an atmosphere of love, respect and unity.

Drinking alcohol, eating the wrong food, too much interest in food (“gourmet”)-whether it shows itself in gluttony or in fasting, will naturally cause the Nabhi to catch. After Kundalini awakening, such desires quickly fade. The temptation for particular dishes disappears and you start enjoying the food which gives the best vibrations. The whole attitude becomes very subtle and detached, and you find that your appetite is very easily satisfied.

“Satisfaction” is actually a key word for Nabhi. Because of liver problems and the consequent irritability people often develop the habit of expressing discontent at the slightest provocation. For them, life without worry is an impossibility.

When the Spirit manifests, you see things in their true perspective, through purified attention, and give up worrying. In the peace of thoughtlessness, you can only be content. Then you know the Spirit is not bothered with passing fads and trends, a button missing here or there. The mantra for Nabhi is : “In my Spirit I am satisfied.”