Also known as Riddhaya or Anahat Chakra

Left Heart :
Qualities: Existence, love, truth, joy, after realisation Joy-Attention-Truth (sat-chit-anand).
Gross expression: Heart organ and left cardiac plexus.
Place on hand: Left little finger.
Manifestations: Heartbeat (Anahat-sound that is without percussion).
Causes of catch: Extreme physical, mental activity, bad heartfelt relations (especially mother’s), outside attention, ( physical ) hatha yoga, drugs, no seeking, no faith in God, anti-God activities.

Centre Heart:
Qualities: Mother of the Universe, physical mother, sense of security, creation and nourishing of antibodies.
Gross expression: Center of Cardiac plexus, also partly left cardiac plexus,sternum bone in childhood
Manifestations: Breathing, breasts.
Causes of catch: Sense of insecurity, mother or motherhood problem, possessions, fear.
Number of petals: Twelve.
Element: Air.

Right Heart:
Qualities: Dutiful life as a king, father, husband, gracious auspicious boundaries (Maryada)
Gross expression: Cardiac plexus (right side).
Place on hand: Right little finger.
Causes of catch: Father or fatherhood problem, emotional aggression, arrogant or inconsiderate behaviour, unlawful (anti-divine) domination.

Heart is the home of Self, Soul, Spirit, Atma, all one and meaning the same. Time and time again Her Holiness Shri Mataji has told us : “You are nothing but your eternal Spirit.” as if according to Her, Spirit is the only thing we had to become and realise, as if the rest becomes futile. Mother (physical) plays a very important role in your heartfelt emotions and this affects the quality of your seeking.

After realisation, losing our false identifications with body, mind, feelings, we really become that Spirit. With enlightenment alone we can take our attention to our heart and cleanse it. The Spirit can only manifest where the heart is open and clean and into such a vessel it pours eternal joy of perfecting the purpose and meaning of the creation, of our meaning. We have to clean our hearts through our attention, and by reciting mantras like ‘I am the Spirit’ we can gradually become that (of course, this is after realisation –  before realisation everything is mechanical.) Shri Mataji says, ‘What is the use of using a phone which is not connected to the mains (all pervading power)?’

In the Sahastrara, the seat of the heart chakra is placed in the brahmarandra at the crown of the head. This is where the union of the individual consciousness through the Kundalini is united with the universal consciousness.

This centre has to be treated with the greatest respect and understanding. Subjecting the heart to undue exertion in our day-today life should be conscientiously avoided. For instance, so-called ascetic disciplines, prolonged mental or heavy physical labour, or Westernised Hatha Yoga without any consideration of God’s love which concentrates on developing the body alone, at the expense of the spirit. If we have gone against the Spirit, or God Almighty, we can awaken it after realisation by asking forgiveness. Problems in the centre arising out of in-security can cause palpitations and breast problems.

Real security means more than just a favourable environment. The left side of the heart chakra is also affected by our own physical mother, while our father has his place in the right heart. Once we realise that our parents have this place within us, then we do not try to escape or just to run away from the problems in the family. H.H. Shri Mataji says we actually choose our parents, in which case we must also be aware of our responsibilities towards them. At all times we should treat them with the love and great respect which is their due. Parents, whose children have their places in their own hearts, should raise them in a pure life properly suited to their spiritual development. They should love them without attachment or fear, knowing that they are the trustees of their children, who are to get their realisation or who may be born with it. If the parents do not practise what they preach, they cannot influence their children. They should be brave and respectable to be respected.

At the right Heart we have embeded the auspicious and gracious boundaries by which human beings should live and be governed. These boundaries we need when we seek to know the Spirit. When the attention is not contained in any boundaries, it spreads indiscriminately like a shallow puddle on the ground. When we keep within the boundaries, it cuts deep like a river and our attention deepens within.

Pure love, which enlightens all, is the true quality of the Heart. In the unrealised state, we rarely love for love’s sake. Because of our conditioning, we confuse feelings of love with those of possession, sex and selfishness, and the object of love becomes the object of desire. Pure love is detached. It gives without interest. Like the tree which gives shade to one and all, it is without prejudice. Like the river, it just flows. Her Holiness Shri Mataji says : “I will tell you again and again that Sahaja Yoga is nothing but a manifestation of love, love, love.”