Qualities: innocence, wisdom, chastity, eternal childhood.
Gross expression: pelvic plexus.
Place on hand: heel of palm.
Manifestations: sex, excretion
Causes of catch: sexual ‘liberation’, adultery, perversions used in tantrism, lustful attention, constipation.
Number of petals: four
Symbol: swastika (clockwise)
Element: earth

The mooladhara chakra is placed below the Kundalini at the very base of the instrument. “Moola” means the root which is the kundaiini, and ‘adhara’ means the support. The fundamental quality of the chakra is innocence, which forms the basis of every righteous (dharmic) character.

This is the centre which governs the sexual aspect of human beings. Since the mooladhara chakra is placed below the Kundalini and she does not pass through this centre, there can be no question of awakening her through sex. This is the greatest sin you can commit against Kundalini, who is your holy loving mother. Those who imagine they can find liberation in this way are only surrendering themselves to the bondage of the senses, and playing into the hands of the satanic forces who move under the guise of tantrism trying use sex to excite the Kundalini.

Sex has its place in human life as the most sublime physical expression of love within the marriage. Through this channel, realised souls of tremendous power are waiting to take their birth. As Sahaja Yogis, we must understand the relative importance of sex. Then it should make no further demands on our attention outside of the married relationship. Only after this collective blessing of society can the real romance of that state be enjoyed between two persons.

After realisation, you learn to develop the proper esteem and respect for your own chastity and the chastity of others. A sense of chastity is essential for the development of your own gravity and power. It is your foundation; the realisation of innocence. The mooladhara chakra can be gradually cleared and that innocence is established within you.