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Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja yogaOn the evening of 12 December 1981 there was a meditation meeting held by Sahaja Yogis in Shri Mataji’s presence in England. Shri Mataji asked one Yogi of Polish origin to take an important role in the meditation. And She said to her, “Now you have to pray for Poland from your whole heart because there is a great danger coming. Pray that the bloodshed can be avoided.”

So this Yogi prayed from her heart during the whole meditation. And next day it was announced that on the same night, 12-13 December, martial law was proclaimed in Poland. There was no war because nobody was fighting, but some people were put in gaol and some citizens’ rights were suspended. In Warsaw and other big cities there were tanks and the Polish army roamed the streets. There was a small fight in one of the coalmines, and ten workers were shot dead by the police.

The Polish Yogi was disappointed. She thought that her prayer and Shri Mataji’s efforts failed. But she didn’t know that all this was really a blessing. If on that night Shri Mataji hadn’t worked for Poland and hadn’t saved our country, we would have been in severe trouble because there were huge armies from all the communist countries waiting all around the Polish borders, ready to enter and massacre everyone. Even some of the troops inside Poland were from outside countries. Everything depended on this one night: only hours separated Poland from disaster.

I was in Poland at that time and I was really surprised by the mildness of the event. Of course, people were not happy, and many anti-communist people were held in gaol, but life was almost quiet and normal. In a short time the tanks disappeared from the streets and telephones started working, and although many telephone lines were tapped, it didn’t do much harm to the average citizen. There was little bloodshed, and no major problems.

The Polish Yogi told me her story recently when I brought her a Polish newspaper with the whole story of what had occurred that night. She was surprised, as she had not known before the full significance of the events of that night.

Hania Turczyn-Zalewska

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