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Sahaja Yoga program in Paris

Sahaja Yoga program in Paris

People the world over are searching for solutions to bring about peace, for the most part focused on external or institutional initiatives, with the United Nations pronouncing September 21 as the International Day of Peace.  While being important, few of these more “external” initiatives manage to bring about lasting peaceful transformation where it’s needed most: in the very hearts of men and women across the planet.

So, for the 2008 International Day of Peace, Sahaja Yoga France decided to propose something a little more concrete, that enables each and every one of us to contribute to world peace in a tangible way, by awakening one’s own inner peace. Parisians were invited to an evening of meditation, music and information to share Shri Mataji’s vision regarding peace and also, more importantly, the actual experience of peace within. The documentary on Shri Mataji’s life and work,  “Freedom and Liberation” was projected, and an exhibition with themes such as “Zen becomes reality”, “For a culture of peace” and “Inner science” was on show. Above all, the 80 or so participants had a taste of the inner peace and wellbeing as proposed freely by Shri Mataji to all who desire it, through Sahaja Yoga meditation.

It was a wonderful evening, that will now go into road-show mode around the major French cities. So, if you’re ever travelling in France, don’t hesitate to drop in and see us at one of our 40+ meditation centres. You can find Sahaja Yoga programs in France here.

We’d love to share a moment of meditation with you.


P.S. To read more about Shri Mataji’s vision for world peace through inner transformation, get a copy of her book, “Meta Modern Era”. Details can be found here.

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