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Our beautiful planet Earth

Our beautiful planet Earth

Great  writers have given us inspiring lyrics such as the song, “Imagine”. Great people say great things that inspire us.

One of my favourites at this time is something like “Change an individual and you change the world”.

These three ideas keep coming into my head, along with the saying, “As it is without, so it is within”. Or is it the opposite? Whichever way it goes, it makes sense and is obviously true.

If we look sick, generally we are.  If our normally neat homes look like a disaster for no obvious reason, then there’s a big chance we are feeling like a bit of a disaster inside as well.

At this point in history we  all seem to be  wondering what will go wrong next in the world – our jobs, money, housing and so on.

Thanks to Shri Mataji we can meditate and learn to dissolve these worries.  She has told us the qualities of each chakra so that we can feel the true peace we have within us. These are the qualities that the entire planet needs. She tells us we can help to save the world by helping it to change.

This is a huge statement until we remember it starts with us.  If it is true that “Change one person and you change the world” and “As it is within, so it is without”,  then if we can clear our chakras we have done just that. We have begun to change the world.

 Not convinced? If you are practising regular Sahaja Yoga meditation then you must have noticed some change in your niche in the world.  If we all could do it our improved personal worlds would finally have to connect.

Imagine that! I did and came up with the idea for this article.

Lisa Barron

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