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shri_mataji_nirmala_devi_02A laugh of appreciation, a laugh of enjoyment – it is so pure and creates such a beautiful atmosphere. I think the whole ecological problem is in our brains…. It is not outside. It is inside us, which is reflected outside…. You are all grown-up children of mine, and I want you to know all the beauties that are within you that you have to enjoy. First of all, learn to laugh at yourself. That is the best way to enjoy yourself … we have so many other beautiful facets and such beautiful things within our personality that we have forgotten to enjoy. (Shri Mataji, 1997).

One of the basic things we should avoid is to criticise others. It is better to criticise yourself. Criticise yourself, criticise your brothers and sisters, criticise your country, criticise all the habits you have and laugh at yourself, is the best way. If you know how to laugh at yourself, then you will not object or will not stand in the way of any creativity of another person. (Shri Mataji, 1989)

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