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Shri Mataji

Nothing like laughing. Laughing is the greatest correction; you’ll laugh at yourself, you’ll laugh at others. Don’t make others look ridiculous, but just enjoy the way others are and enjoy each other. They are all very beautiful people, very beautiful. It’s like one beautiful flower is enjoying the fragrance of another beautiful flower. That’s what should be.

One should not feel, that, “Oh, look at this flower. It’s so beautiful.” Look at yourself; you are so beautiful, too. But unless and until you enjoy the fragrance and the beauty of another flower, you cannot know what you are, because you are all just the same inside. You are all people whose Spirit has come into their attention, wonderful people …

Shri Mataji, Germany, 10 July 1988

shri_mataji_nirmala_devi_02A laugh of appreciation, a laugh of enjoyment – it is so pure and creates such a beautiful atmosphere. I think the whole ecological problem is in our brains…. It is not outside. It is inside us, which is reflected outside…. You are all grown-up children of mine, and I want you to know all the beauties that are within you that you have to enjoy. First of all, learn to laugh at yourself. That is the best way to enjoy yourself … we have so many other beautiful facets and such beautiful things within our personality that we have forgotten to enjoy. (Shri Mataji, 1997).

One of the basic things we should avoid is to criticise others. It is better to criticise yourself. Criticise yourself, criticise your brothers and sisters, criticise your country, criticise all the habits you have and laugh at yourself, is the best way. If you know how to laugh at yourself, then you will not object or will not stand in the way of any creativity of another person. (Shri Mataji, 1989)

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

Self is nothing but joy. A joyous person is definitely a person who has got his Self expressing through his joy. Such a person is so joy-giving, so humorous and never degrading to anyone. In every small thing, it sees a beauty. And the nature of every creation is so beautiful….

If you have the problem of unhappiness, just be on the watch-out and see why. Why have you developed this kind of a funny attitude towards everything? Why can’t you enjoy everything? You go on watching this person, that person. You never enjoy. While if you watch the children, it is very interesting….

There was a joke about a child. They had a guest in their house and he was eating. So this child saw that man eating. He said, “Mama, he doesn’t eat like a horse. You said he eats like a horse.”

So that is what they are – very simple, very simple-hearted- and that is how they correct people.

Shri Mataji, London, 22 April 1984

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

Look at the tree with love and you will find that the tree itself is giving you the joy of its creation because you will become thoughtless. And the creator who has made that beautiful tree will be pouring all that joy that is stored in it.

Every human being is a store of joy, unlimited, I assure you. Believe me and don’t waste them because somebody is not properly dressed or he’s not according to the way you want him to be, which you learned in your public school. Every doorstep everywhere there is beauty lying. Do not miss it. But if you have a possessiveness about it … then you can never enjoy them. You can never enjoy all that beauty, all that store, all that wealth that is in every human being. Every moment it is bubbling.

Shri Mataji, 1979

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