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Leaf festival 1Sahaja Yoga Meditation had a lovely and successful day at the Logan Eco Action Festival (LEAF) at the Griffith University, Logan on 8 June 2014. The Brisbane Sahaja yogis arrived early to set up the stall,  decorating the backdrop with colourful saris and receiving many compliments from patrons about the beauty of the stall.

There was a steady stream of people all day, with yogis talking to people and handing out information. Some people had come to Sahaja Yoga many years ago and were surprised that we were here. One lady had previously received her Self-realisation in China.

One young school girl took lots of pamphlets and information and said she would do an essay on Sahaja Yoga for her school.

A young woman from Brisbane said she would go to the Sahaja Yoga young people’s program in New Farm park on the following Sunday.

There wasn’t enough space for giving Self-realisation, but many people listened intently to explanations about the fundamentals of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, and received details about Sahaja Yoga programs in the Brisbane area.

All in all, it was a wonderful day with the vibrations flowing, thanks to Shri Mataji’s generosity and love.

Story: Coralie Jessop

Photograph: Rupesh Lal

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