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Sahaja Yoga Workshop, Wamuran, Queensland

Sahaja Yoga Workshop, Wamuran, Queensland

We had a very successful Sahaja Yoga workshop at Wamuran, near Brisbane, on Sunday 29th June 2014. About 35 people attended, many for the first time.

The program started at 9.30am with ‘meet and greet’, refreshments and introductions. This was followed by a short introduction to Sahaja Yoga and then Self-realisation. Everyone then experienced footsoaking, clearing the subtle system and exchanging vibrations.

An in-depth demonstration followed of the various clearing techniques used in Sahaja Yoga. These treatments include candles, lemons and chillies, and onion treatment for the Agnya Chakra.

The hard-working kitchen team had cooked a beautiful lunch which was served outside in the sunshine.

Sahaja Yoga music group, Wamuran, Queensland

Sahaj Sangeet music group, Wamuran, Queensland

After lunch, a meditation/workshop was held outside on the Mother Earth where exchanging vibrations and experiencing inner silence were only interrupted by the wind, the birds and the rustling of trees.

Shri Mataji’s video talk was followed by music from ‘Sahaj Sangeet’ bhajan group. The performance was very well received, with people joining in clapping. Finally, a silent meditation left everyone in Sahastrara.

Peter Hewitson

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