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Sahaja Yogis meditating at the Ganesha Swayambhu, GanapatipuleKonkan is the coastal plain between Mumbai and Goa in Maharashta, India. Ganapatipule, a place of pilgrimage for Sahaja yogis for many years, is situated in Konkan. Ganapatipule was chosen by Shri Mataji because of the presence of a Shri Ganesha Swayambhu.

Sahaja Yoga events have been taking place on a regular basis for the last seven years or more in this area and a number of new Sahaja Yoga centres have been established there as a result.

The report below tells the story of  recent Sahaja Yoga programs in Konkan. 

“On the weekend of 15 February 2008 we, a small group of Sahaja Yogis from Mumbai, went to the Konkan Agricultural College to give realisation. About 1,500 students got their realisation as well as the Principal and all the staff. We showed them some research on sunflowers treated with vibrated water which gave a higher yield, and trees affected by acid rain treated in the same way, done by Dr Mylany in Austria some years ago, and they were very impressed.

On the weekend of the 1st March there was a mela (fair) at a swayambhu, Anganewadi Taluka Malvan, a Devi temple in southern Maharashtra, in the village of Bharadi, between Goa and Ratnagiri, near Ganapatipule.  We had a Sahaja stall to give realisation to people who came to pray there. We distributed about 15,000 leaflets, and were given the balcony of the local school, because the stall was too small. We put the photo of Shri Mataji on the balcony and gave realisation to crowds of people, in batches.

We are not sure how many people got their realisation – we were too busy to count – but probably about 10,000, maybe more, and there were not many of us Sahaja Yogis. Many of those who received realisation asked for the address of their local centres so they could follow up, because they came from all over Maharashtra and even further away. There were many students, teachers, businessmen, artists, stall vendors and even the police who were on security duty there.”

Deepali Bandakar and Ravindra Gaonkar

You can find out more about the spiritual significance of Ganapatipule at:

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