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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Today, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The birth of Jesus Christ is very symbolic because He was born in such a manner that even the poorest of poorer wouldn’t be born in the stable. And He was put in the bed which was made of dried grass. He came on this earth to show people that for a person who is an incarnation, or who is a highly evolved soul, is not bothered about the comfort of the body.

His message was so great, and so deep, but He had disciples who were not prepared for the battle they had to fight…. He had only twelve disciples … and all of them, though, tried to dedicate themselves to Christ, fell in a trap, some of them to the worldly aspirations or to their own hankerings.

His message of love and forgiveness is the same even today, preached by all, all the saints, all the incarnations, all the prophets; they all have said about love and forgiveness. If it was challenged, or people felt that this won’t work out, they were asked to have faith in what is said, but they were simple people in those days. So they obeyed Him. Some of them definitely were very good….

He came on this earth to prepare for us our Agnya Chakra…

Shri Mataji, Ganapatipule, India, 25 December 1996

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

“I forgive.”  This is the greatest weapon Christ has given us. You just say, “I forgive, I forgive,” and you can overcome your ego. This is the mantra for this chakra…. You’ll find your Agnya chakra will open out and you’ll find your ego will go away.

Forgiveness is one of the biggest weapons human beings have got. But they are so stupid. If I tell them to forgive – now what is there not to forgive? – they’ll say, “It’s very difficult to forgive.”

I say, “What is so difficult? What are you doing? Are you doing something when you say, ‘I am forgiving’? Do you do something? Nothing.”

On the contrary, when you do not forgive, then what is happening is the person whom you do not forgive is actually torturing you, while you are not torturing that person.

Shri Mataji, 1983

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, was celebrated recently around the world. Although a Hindu tradition originating in India, it is interesting to see the many connections between Diwali and other religious thought. For example, while Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ, His real birthday coincides with Diwali. Also, Shri Mahalakshmi who is worshipped during Diwali celebrations has a close connection with Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

President Obama celebrating Diwali

Obama celebrates Diwali

It is interesting that President Obama celebrated Diwali in person in the White House by lighting a ceremonial lamp to the accompaniment of mantras seeking world peace. In so doing, he became the first American President to celebrate Diwali in this way.

For more information about Diwali, including Shri Mataji’s comments on the meaning of Diwali, and a video of President Obama’s Diwali message, you can visit the Canadian Sahaja Yoga website here.  

Please enjoy the experience!

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

It is for us to remember that Christ was born on this Earth as a human being. He came on this Earth, and the task that was before Him was to enlighten human awareness with the sense of understanding. We can say it is actualisation within the awareness of human being, that they are not this body but they are the spirit. The message of Christ is His resurrection. That is, you are your spirit, not your body; and He showed by His resurrection how He ascended into the realm of spirit which he was, because He was Pranava, He was Brahma, He was Mahavishnu.

As I have told you about His birth. And when He came on this Earth in a body like a human being He wanted to show another thing, that spirit has nothing to do with money, has nothing to do with power. It is all-powerful, all-pervading, but it is born in a stable, not in a palace or to a king. But He was born to a very ordinary person, a carpenter…. It means simply that nothing is higher than you; neither anything can decorate you because whatever you are, you are at the highest. All the worldly things, so-called, are just like dry grass … so He was kept in dry grass .…

He was happiness, He was joy. To make you all happy, to give you the light of happiness by enlightening your source of joy that is your spirit in your heart, that He came on this Earth. Not only to save you, first to give you happiness, to give you joy, because human beings in their ignorance and in this tomfoolery are unnecessarily beating themselves and destroying themselves…. He comes there like a morning flower to make you happy; first to make you happy, to give you joy ….

You see a child anywhere, any child, such a joy-giving thing it is, and this is the child of the Divine that comes on this Earth as a child, is the most joy-giving thing. And that’s why Christmas for all of us, for the whole universe should be a festival of great joy, for He brought light for us by which you could see that there is someone called as God, there is someone who is going to remove this ignorance; this was the first beginning.

So for us it is necessary to be first joyous and be happy and relaxed, and not to take anything that seriously as we take, because divine life doesn’t make you serious because it’s all a play; it’s a maya. I have seen in all the rituals that people follow, in all the so-called religious people, they are too serious to be religious. A religious person will be bubbling with laughter. He doesn’t know how to hide his joy. And he doesn’t know how to control his laughter when he sees people who are unnecessarily serious ….

So be joyous that here at the Agnya Chakra again Christ is born within you, and He is there, and you know how you can ask for His help, always.

Shri Mataji, Christmas Party Talk, 1983

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