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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The following extracts are from various talks by Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, where she discusses the meaning of the Guru Principle.

“The word Guru comes from the one that is magnetic, the person who is magnetic,  the one who attracts the attention of the seekers, is the Guru.”

“This gravity has to be in a Guru. Gravity means a kind of a serious understanding of oneself and one’s own responsibilities.”

“So you get a magnetic temperament, magnetic character, magnetic personality. And this magnetic personality that you develop, immediately shows that it is manifesting its power. Try to understand. Like the light now is coming on Me. It is just giving light, but it is not manifesting anything. We can see the Sun’s rays, is the best example. Sun’s rays, when they fall onto the leaves, the rays, which look simple, manifest their power of making it into chlorophyll. In the same way when you are at that height or at that state, then without saying anything, without doing anything, even a glance, you manifest; but not only that, you record everything.”

“Manifest our gravity to reach the depth within – through witness state. Introspect to achieve the self-esteem of a Guru.”

“But we are much above all these ordinary instruments, even the most complicated, even the most advanced and developed by science. Because we reach a state where we ourselves become the science, science of truth, an absolute truth.
So what is needed for a Guru is self-esteem. This is a very important point people don’t realize, the self-esteem. To achieve the self-esteem we have to introspect and know that, ‘Today I am not what I was before. I am a realized soul; I have got powers. Of course I have powers. Powers of love, powers of compassion, powers of grasping things, powers of creativity, powers of giving realization to others.’
Nobody had these powers, but somehow or other in Sahaja Yoga you are not self-conscious, and we should not be self-conscious because that can give you ego, but we should have self-esteem.”

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