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An outdoor realisation session in Lebanon

An outdoor realisation session in Lebanon

From 4 to 6 July 2008, a series of Sahaja Yoga programs were held in Lebanon. Three Sahaja yogis from Turkey, one from Cameroon and one from Lebanon conducted the programs.

During this time, 311 people received their realisation. Programs were held at Manara, Sioufi and Unesco Palace. Realisation was given on the street in Hamra, while we were putting posters in different places.

Fear seems to be the worst thing against spreading Sahaja Yoga in the Middle East, even though it is the most stupid illusion inside us.

People in Manara, next to the sea, are from different social castes and we exchanged with many the addresses and phone numbers so that we can be in touch soon when we find a centre in Beirut to meet. It was not in our program to go there but we decided at the last minute to go to Manara instead of Sioufi, for only two hours. Lots of people were very happy to receive their realisation.

At Unesco palace it was my first time to be in front of people translating into Arabic for the audience who don’t understand English. In the beginning I was kind of shaking but when the attention was on Shri Mataji’s photograph things became much better. Before Sahaja Yoga it was impossible to do such a thing without lots of fears. Never, never had this courage been felt before, even in front of students in the classroom.

The only program held indoors was at Unesco Palace and about 20 people came.

Today there was an interview on the government radio, “Lebanese Radio”. Rita, the interviewer, gave an introduction about music therapy. Then for about ten minutes the discussions were about Shri Mataji who discovered the Sahaja Yoga technique, the Kundalini as a positive energy, a little about chakras and being in the present state. Rita will announce future Sahaja Yoga programs to be held from 8 to 10 August 2008. We have booked one date already: on Friday 8 August the program will be at Unesco Palace at 7.00pm.

With lots of Mohabbat from Lebanon

A Sahaja yogini

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