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Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja YogaThe power of the Goddess that you have got within yourself has now to be deliberately projected….

The power of the Goddess is of love. Whatever She does with the whole world is through her compassion and love. The whole body, the whole being of the Goddess is made of compassion and love and nothing else. This power gives full understanding of the reality and also this enlightenment inside and outside.

For example, if you love somebody, you know everything about that person. It has nothing to do with money. It’s the highest, most valuable, very important power that you have. Even when you think about something noble, something benevolent, this power is filled into that thought and then this thought fills in, into the universe, into your country, into individuals.

The aim of this compassion and love is only one: to see everyone joyous – that’s all, joyous in the real sense of the word. This power cares for the collective as well as for the individual. It cares for the whole world as well as a particular nation. All the time this power works – especially in modern times – to better the lives of the people of the whole world …. So it’s like an ocean of love and compassion that wants to touch every shore. It wants to touch every heart but some are just like stones….

Thus, this love is the power of the Goddess. It is very subtle, silent, but it manifests…. It is this Goddess who is ruling this universe, who is in your centre heart, who looks after you and looks after the whole universe. It is nothing but the pure desire of love. It knows how to express. It knows how to act. You don’t have to do anything. It is spontaneous. What goes against it is your mental activity because the mental activity will say, “Oh my, how can you love somebody like this? It’s no use.” It’s a mental activity which gives you funny ideas. The mental activity is limited and linear. Everybody has different fixed ideas. That’s why they are fighting. That’s why they are having wars. But this power, which is of love, gives you the absolute truth. Then how can you fight? So what we need is this power because our power is very limited.

Shri Mataji, 1995

Abraham Lincoln, a born-realised soulFebruary 12 is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Shri Mataji recognised Abraham Lincoln as one of those special people who were born-realised souls and who have contributed so much for the good of humankind. Here is a collection of comments that Shri Mataji has made about Abraham Lincoln over the years. They help us to understand the significance of the contribution he has made, and how much it has affected our lives and the societies in which we live. 
We have had so many great people who were born-realised before. Also Abraham Lincoln was a born-realised fellow. We had people everywhere in the world. Like I would say that Michelangelo was a realised soul, Mozart was a realised soul.  I mean … so many people were realised souls, but nobody knew about them.

They were effective because they were above all that, and they created these tremendous things because they were one with the Divine Power that is creative, that is not only creative — it is protective. It is the one that thinks, that understands, co-ordinates, co-operates and works out.
Shri Mataji, 1985

And you have Abraham Lincoln. What a man! I think his blessings should work out one day in this country [United States of America]. What a saint. What a personality. And that’s what you had, people, great people in this country, and that greatness, that vision is lost now. Have confidence in yourself.
Shri Mataji, 1984

I was a child, very small. When I was in school I used to go to the library and read about the lives of great men who have created some great things for us. So many of them. And I was so impressed how some of them were so simple, so child-like. For example, Abraham Lincoln for whom I have tremendous, tremendous respect was a man tortured by his wife also. She said, “You don’t know. You are very clumsy. You don’t know how to dress up. You don’t know how to behave”. And she actually was very harsh on him, all the time torturing him. Ultimately he was also killed. So one can say, “You see, what’s the use of being Abraham Lincoln? Because he was killed, he was not successful.”

Until today, all over the world, people know who was Abraham Lincoln. They don’t know his wife… But they knew who was Abraham Lincoln, everybody. Clumsy man, according to her, and all sorts of degradation for him. But nobody respects her, nobody thinks anything about her. Who is respected today, is Abraham Lincoln. Why? Actually, he was murdered. He was killed. That shows that he had no strength to survive, but he survived through ages. So many years have passed; still he’s surviving.

Take the case of all the great people who have been innocent; and that’s why they had ideals. To them their ideals were more important than anything else, even their lives. 
Shri Mataji, 2001


                     River Ganges near the Himalayas

I sit; head bowed and enjoy the shower of pure chaitanya,
Golden, cooling and pure.
It washes every impurity in my being
As powerfully as the Ganges rushes from the Himalayas,
Yet as gently as a mother cleanses her child.
A witness to this event, I enjoy.

I raise my head and see Your face, Our Holy Mother.
One glance and all the cares and tensions are dissolved.
Yet this is not the miracle, Holy Mother.

I sit amongst thousands all over the world,
All who are being cleansed and cared for by You
As if they, not me, are the only one.
All are Your children.
All You care for, as You do me.
Yet this is not the miracle.

The miracle is You, Our Holy Mother
Who chose to come to us now in these days where we are at our worst.
You came to bless us and to bring us all home.

Lisa Barron


Shri MatajiWhen you forgive a person, what do you do? You accept the situation, to begin with. And secondly, you forgive what you think has been done wrong to you. But because nothing wrong can be done  to your spirit, you just forgive because you are the spirit. And when you forgive, you have found that your tension goes away.

So even to your thoughts … say, “All right, forgive this thought,” because thought is also not to be punished. Forgive this thought, forgive this thought. Forgive everything. Not forget – forgive. Because then you will even forget that you are the spirit.

“Forgive all the thoughts that are coming to me.” Just go on saying this. It is a mantra. What is a mantra? It is that power of the word that expresses the spirit.

So this is a very important thing Christ has given us – the weapon of forgiveness. Everybody has that weapon. Everyone can use that weapon. You don’t have to put in any effort for it. You don’t have to pay for it. It’s just you have to say, “I forgive.” You’ll be amazed. Your nerves will soothe down. This tension, this pressure of these modern things will be reduced if you just go on saying, “I forgive. I forgive them.” …

What happens when you forgive someone? That means you do not react. The power to react to somebody’s injuries, insults is finished. And when that power is finished, you become a powerful person because nobody can now overpower you, because nobody can kill you, nobody can hurt you, nobody can do anything to you.

Shri Mataji, 1984

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