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Grades 4 to 12 children

On 21 February 2011, Sahaja Yoga in South Africa held the first school realisation program for the year at Mount Edgecombe Private School in Phoenix, a suburb of Durban. Two programs were held: one for Grades 4 to 12 children and one for Grades R to 3 children.

The realisation session for Grade 4 to Grade 12 (200 children) was conducted in a cool enclosed area on the lawn.  The Deputy Principal and teachers were most accommodating and made the Sahaja yogis feel very welcome.  A student led the assembly with “Our Father” (The Lord’s Prayer).

At first, Lincoln spoke about the current problems students are exposed to, such as drugs, alcohol and peer pressure.  He also spoke about the benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation.  Kasthurie conducted the realization session, after which everyone felt the Cool Breeze. 

Sahaja Yoga realisation session

The children and teachers enjoyed the session and were very grateful for getting this information.

 The second session was for Grade R to Grade 3 (300 children). Because they were little ones Lincoln decided not to do his introduction bit. So after being introduced by the head of this section, the Self-realisation session was conducted by Kasthurie.  Rina did the concluding session.

 This was done under a huge beautiful old tree – a setting that made one feel like being in a village in India, where the saints gathered to share their knowledge with all who were interested in learning about God.

Grades R to 3 children

This was a wonderful start for the Sahaja Yoga School Programs in South Africa in 2011. These programs are being carried out by a dedicated band of Sahaja yogis who give freely of their time to help children and teachers in schools understand about Sahaja Yoga meditation.

 Kasthurie, Rina and Lincoln

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga

I do not have to say anything for love. Love is an absolute gift, a gift of just feeling others. There is no talking about, discussing about it, nothing. You just feel that love. To feel the love, I would say, one has to have a heart.

But how can you have a heart? It is not your own doing. It is all there. So it is something which is already gifted to you. You have it, that you can feel that love. It is so much joy-giving, peace-giving.

Love has its own qualities and one of the qualities is that love understands. Its understanding is not in words, not in thought, but it understands within. It can feel within, which is very important. This is the most important part one has to realise: that love, you can only feel it. You cannot talk about it. You cannot show about it. But it is within and you can feel it…

That feeling is within. And only within you can feel that. So we have to understand it is not the show. It is nothing else, but just the feeling within that you know that you have the love of the Divine.

This you can have because it is just there. No one can give it to you. No one can sell it… It is just there.

And that love has to be felt and shared. It has nothing to do with others. Whether the other loves you or not makes no difference. It is within yourself, this feeling. This depth is there which you enjoy.

Shri Mataji, Cabella, Italy, 4 July, 2004

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga

I am with you. I am with you at every step, at every place.

You may go anywhere.

At every place I am with you, completely, in person, by mind and in every aspect.

Whenever you will remember Me, I will be by your side with all My powers.

It is My promise. 

Shri Mataji

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