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Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

Self is nothing but joy. A joyous person is definitely a person who has got his Self expressing through his joy. Such a person is so joy-giving, so humorous and never degrading to anyone. In every small thing, it sees a beauty. And the nature of every creation is so beautiful….

If you have the problem of unhappiness, just be on the watch-out and see why. Why have you developed this kind of a funny attitude towards everything? Why can’t you enjoy everything? You go on watching this person, that person. You never enjoy. While if you watch the children, it is very interesting….

There was a joke about a child. They had a guest in their house and he was eating. So this child saw that man eating. He said, “Mama, he doesn’t eat like a horse. You said he eats like a horse.”

So that is what they are – very simple, very simple-hearted- and that is how they correct people.

Shri Mataji, London, 22 April 1984

Shri Mataji

You cannot be serious for more than two minutes. It is very difficult to keep serious.

The sense of humour is so beautiful. You will never use vulgarity or hurting things or coarser remarks, but the whole thing is so beautiful.

When you speak, people feel the flowers throwing their fragrance at you. Every action that you do creates joy, a ripple of joy. Every movement you create, every rhythm you speak, it gives you joy. At that time you feel perfected.

When you see a picture which is beautiful, immediately you go into thoughtless awareness and the complete joy of that creation starts blossoming. You just feel the joy.

When you  become silent, you do not think much. You do not think. You become the joy – anand. That is the pefect state in which you feel peace. It is so beautiful that you want to be there all the time.

This joy is the movement of your ocean of love. It is the beautiful movement of the clouds that you see. It is fantastic. You just get drenched into it and you do everything for love’s sake and you don’t think you are doing it for love’s sake. You do not see that way. You just do it because it is so joy-giving. That is the greatest thing.

You may have anything in the world. It will not be that much joy-giving as this joy of the spirit.

You will never feel lonely. You are never bored. Whether you are alone or with anyone, you are in joy…. The whole system changes. I just pray that all of you should achieve that state of joy…. I hope you grow in it by taking up a stand on the truth. Grow into it. You progress into it.

It is so wonderful and so beautiful and that is what your Father wants you to have. He is the most generous Father. You can’t enjoy His kingdom unless and until He has given it to you, that He has made you sit on His throne. That is the greatest joy that He wants to have and that is what you should achieve. That is what you should have. That is your right to have.

Shri Mataji, 7 October 1981.

Shri Mataji

Meditation is the only way you can grow. There’s no other way out. Because when you meditate you are in silence; you are in thoughtless awareness. Then the growth of awareness takes place; then it opens out. But if you are thinking – supposing there is a lake and the lake is completely in a turmoil. Nothing can grow. But supposing it is silent, then lotuses can grow; anything can grow in it. In the same way, if your mind is agitated and your growth is not yet fully expressing itself, then it’s such a vicious circle that you are agitated and your growth is hindered. Again you are agitated; your growth is hindered.  

So the best way is to take to meditation. When you take to meditation this turmoil will settle down. And when it will settle down, your growth will take place. After meditation you’ll feel definitely that you have come out very well; you have grown very well. But for that one has to be very honest. You cannot force people to be honest. That’s one thing you can’t do. You have to be honest yourself. You are not to be hypocrite. You have to see for yourself that whatever you are doing is for your benevolence, is for your good, and that you have to do it because it is good for you, to begin with. And then for the good of the humanity. You are doing for the good of the humanity.  

Now some people who come for the first time will have lots of doubts because of ego. They have lots of doubts because of ego. “How can that be? How can this be? How?” I mean, all kinds of things they ask. Now, you have to say that first of all you develop your insight. You develop your enlightenment. Your light is not sufficient. In the light only there are no doubts. Supposing in darkness you think that this table has no cover. Is all right. You can think whatever you like, but when there is light you see for yourself there is a beautiful cover on top of this table.  

In the same way, it happens to us that we have to achieve a state. And once we achieve that state then there’s no question, there’s no doubt, there’s nothing, and you become so empowered. It is such a simultaneous thing. It works. As soon as you achieve something, it works. When it works, then you are convinced. It’s a, I’d say, is a very beautiful new chain starts within yourself and then you really starts enjoying your joy of your Self.

Shri Mataji, New York, 27 July, 1988

  You were hiding in my heart
It was me who didn’t see
Didn’t see you
Looked everywhere outside
But never turned inside to my own heart

In all my love
All my pain and all my sorrow
In all my hope and all my joy
You were there with me
It was me who didn’t turn to you

You were my joy in all my play
You indeed were the joy
And I indulged in all that joy
Days spent in play

You were there deep in my heart
In the songs I sang in my sorrow and joy
You were the words, you were the tune
It was me who never sang your songs

Please be alit oh spirit
And enlighten this attention
Let me be immersed totally in you
Sing the song of love
Lost in complete joy!

Meghamala Basu

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