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The next Sahaja Yoga meditation course for complete beginners and regular meditators commences this week.

Newcomers and regulars will learn how to meditate and experience true meditation. Over the 3 weeks, you’ll be guided daily by our online team through the three levels of knowledge and meditation experiences from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. One-on-one help and workshops with group practice will be available. Join in at any time, even if you miss some sessions.

Join with Zoom for interactive sessions or watch on YouTube. All sessions will be recorded so you can also watch sessions to suit your time zone or schedule.

Full details below or go to

3-Week Daily Meditation Course

Every day from 2nd December to 22nd December 2021
8PM (Sydney time)
(Convert to your local time)

Discover the peace and joy of true meditation

Week 1: Beginners Sessions
Growing your Awareness

Thursday 2nd to Wednesday 8th December 2021

Topics for Week 1
Knowing who we really are.
Coping with stress.
Meditation: A contemporary perspective.
Living in the present moment: A how-to guide.
Improving our attention.
Health benefits of meditation
Letting go of the past.
(Links to sessions on website)

Week 2: Intermediate Sessions
Balancing your Awareness

Thursday 9th to Wednesday 15th December 2021
(See website for Topics)

Week 3: Advanced Sessions
Deepening your Awareness

Thursday 16th to Wednesday 22nd December 2021
(See website for Topics)

Join the sessions any time

Join in at any time, even if you miss some sessions • No previous experience in meditation required • One-on-one help and workshops with group practice.

Links to daily live streams and recordings are on the December Course website:

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