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mother earth


How blessed we are to have Nature’s bounty ─
The rolling seas, the boundless sky, the Earth
Which provides us with food and shelter
And yields untold riches for use by Man.

No need to ask; no need to beg or grovel or plead.
The bounteous Earth just gives and gives and gives.
Yet, if we do not have respect for the Earth
And use and destroy in the name of greed
Mother Earth unleashes her fury.

The crux is in the balance ─ the ability to take
With respect, to make amends when we can,
To know that Earth’s gifts are irreplaceable,
To acknowledge our puniness in the face of Might.

We know too well the dangers and horrors
Of vengeful Earth, the unruly consequence
Of Man’s pride, greed and arrogance.
We need to find a different way.

With respect for Mother Earth and all Her gifts
We can live in harmony with the Earth
And with all the creatures She upholds.
God grant that we change our wasteful ways.

Melody Anderson



Dear Beloved Mother Earth, Our Holy Guru,
Since the timeless creation of Your very first breath,
You have been The Great Evolution, the grand source of all,
And humankind has been walking, perplexed, by Your side.

You have given us the powers of five sacred elements,
And we have created our own laws distant from their command.
You have given us soaring mountains to climb,
While we have merely made the ego our ascent.
You have given us deserts to inspire dreams of eternity,
And we have chosen an insatiable quest for all that is mortal.

You have given us your seas to embrace and rock us gently,
While we have taken comfort in our conquering nature instead.
You have given us cool soils to calm our weary feet,
While we have marched on and on, victims of our own polarity.
You have given us Your skies to open up our every inspiration,
But we have failed to overcome the feebleness of our thinking.

You have given us the splendour of flowers as a muse,
And we instead have revered material things.
You have given us all the creatures to teach harmony and difference,
While we have practiced prejudice and distrust amongst ourselves.
You have given us the joy of Your peaceful attention,
And we have remained distracted by the ticking clocks of our minds.

You have given us whispering winds, the desire for our seeking,
While we have been lost in a search for mere desperations.
You have forgiven us time and again for our ignorance and our deeds,
But we continue blindly flirting with absurdity and danger.
You have trusted us as the guardians of Your delightful creation,
And we have brought it now to the edge of devastation.

May we learn to make with our hands what is hidden inside our hearts,
Learning to live with less, with satisfaction and charity in our souls.
May we swiftly abandon all falsely created needs, our greed,
And discard all illusions of richness, vanity and self-indulgence.
May we sense the urgency to make changes in our daily actions,
To discover the Metascience of Your nature and to share it with all.

Melissa Richard


Mooladhara, four-petalled Chakra in Sahaja YogaThe Mooladhara Chakra is placed at the very base of the spinal column. It has an important role as support for both the subtle body system and Kundalini, and so it is closely related to balance and stability. The Mooladhara Chakra is placed below the Mooladhara which houses the Kundalini. It is the foundation of the psyche, where it is grounded and supports the other centres. Any strong disturbance to its sensitivity throws the individual off-balance and causes mental disturbance.

The qualities of the Mooladhara Chakra are innocence and wisdom and eternal childhood. To awaken these you can use the affirmation, “Mother, please make me the innocence.”

The Mooladhara Chakra is the seat of our grounding force, our connection with Mother Earth. It is made of the Earth element and represents the beginning and primary principle of Life.

In the beginning, gross matter was created using the four-petalled Carbon atom as the first building block. Like Carbon this chakra has four petals, a stable configuration. The Earth is our vehicle for Life and is innocent in this role. She does not judge – matter simply is and supports. In the same way the innocence of a child simply is, without thinking, judgement or concern, and this quality is in concert with the innate pure wisdom of a child. Children often see and speak clearly. “From the mouth of babes”.

When this chakra is awakened its magnetic force starts working. A person whose Mooladhara Chakra is awakened has an inner sense of stability and direction. The qualities of this chakra are those of innocence, wisdom, purity and eternal childhood. These qualities are naturally inherent within each being, but we can through various practices damage this centre. This is the centre that governs the retention, elimination and sexual aspects of human beings.

An awakened and lively Mooladhara chakra brings forth spontaneous wisdom, innocence, dedication, purity and joy. Such a personality is auspicious, and contributes good fortune to his or her surroundings.

The presiding deity or personification of the Mooladhara chakra is Shri Ganesha, the child with the head of an elephant. He is innocent and helps us to remove obstacles in our way.

Clearing the chakras in the Subtle System is an important part of Sahaja Yoga. Sitting on Mother Earth is a very simple technique for clearing the Mooladhara Chakra. If you wish to find out more ways of clearing the chakras, you are very welcome to come to any of the Sahaja Yoga programs held throughout Australia. Please see the main website,, for details about meeting places and times.


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