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Music of Joy is a unique, multicultural group of musicians in Australia who believe the purpose of music is to create and share joy. Exceptional joy – jubilant, relaxing, profound. Joy that reverberates with audiences, offering elation, bliss, solace.

Much of the group’s repertoire stems from Bhajans – songs of the spirit, songs of praise and adoration. To these ancient songs, Music of Joy has added Indian traditional village songs, music from Pakistan, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England, Israel, Russia and Africa, as well as a number of home-grown compositions by members of the group.

Sahaja Yoga Music of JoyThe experience that can result from sharing this unique world music is thoughtless awareness, a relaxed meditative state which can be understood and developed through the Sahaja Yoga Meditation practised by these musicians. It’s an experience the musicians love to share.

The group is made up of about twenty male and female singers and instrumentalists who come from diverse cultural backgrounds. Core members of the group have been performing together for more than fifteen years. Under the direction of John Smiley, an experienced music teacher and choral instructor, Music of Joy’s repertoire is accompanied by a great mix of Eastern and Western instruments, such as harmonium, guitar, bass, flute, saxophone, clarinet, tabla, dholak, djembe, chimtar, tambourine and didgeridoo. As understood in many musical philosophies, the rhythm section of the group is the heartbeat of the music, without which there is no joy.

Music of Joy has toured extensively locally and overseas. They have performed at numerous festivals and special events around Sydney. Further afield, they have delighted audiences at the Ganesha Festival in Helensburg, the Winter Magic Festival at Katoomba, Canberra’s Floriade and the Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland, as well as many cultural events in Newcastle, Wollongong, Goulburn, Ulladulla, Bateman’s Bay, Coffs Harbour and Woolgoolga. In addition, they have performed dozens of joyful concerts in centres throughout New South Wales.

Music of Joy featured in the NSW Art Gallery exhibition, Dancing to the Flute. Their overseas performances include meditation seminars, with audiences ranging from 500 to 8,000 people, in New Zealand, India, Italy, and most recently in the United States, where they received the acclaim of visitors from all around the world.

To hear Music of Joy singing the Bhajan, “Namostute”, click the link below. Enjoy.

[audio:19 – 19 – Australian Bhajans Group _ Namostute.mp3]

The Curry Festival will be held at Coffs Harbour on Saturday April 14, 2007. You can get your self-realisation at the Sahaja Yoga Stall during the day. The Sahaja Yoga music group, Music of Joy, will be performing at the opening ceremony at 10:00 am and again at 6:00 pm.

Sahaja Yoga Madrid program posterSahaj Music and Dance programs are being held in Madrid, Spain,  once or twice a month. They are usually held in the public cultural city centres.

The programs usually follow a similar  schedule. A short introduction is followed by bajhans (songs of praise) with a brief explanation about the energy or Deity invoked in each bajhan.

This is followed by giving Self-realisation. After a short introduction there is a guided meditation using music to awaken the seven chakras. For each chakra, everyone joins in singing the “Om” sound, accompanied by the corresonding musical note. The “Om” sound helps to make people more aware of each chakra and helps them in becoming thoughtlessly aware.

After this, the dancers arrive. They present some Indian dances representing a mythological story or invoking a particular energy or Deity. This also helps people to get into the  central channel. This is followed by more bajhans.

After the programs, some people commented that they had a clear feeling of vibrations and a change of state.

 From Roberto, Spain

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