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Dr Ramesh Manocha will be presenting a seminar in Manly in Sydney on the topic of the effects of meditation on health. Please come along and enjoy this fascinating presentation, as well as experiencing Sahaja Yoga meditation.

When:   Saturday, 6 March, 2010 from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Where:  Manly West Primary School,
cnr. Griffiths St and Hill St, Balgowlah
(Click here  for Google Map)

2:30 pm:   Introduction
2:40 pm:   Lecture by Dr Ramesh Manocha, MBBS BSc (Med) PhD
4:00 pm:   Meditation workshop
4:30 pm:   Refreshments will be available.

We look forward to seeing you there.

You are invited to this fascinating and enjoyable lecture, “Meditation and its effects on the brain, mind and health”, by Dr Ramesh Manocha. Dr Manocha will provide refreshing insights into the science and experience of meditation.

Dr. Manocha is a world-leading expert on scientific research into meditation. His research has proven the effectiveness of meditation in reducing stress and improving wellbeing. The research has also found that mental silence has  physiological effects on the body and the brain.

The lecture will provide a refreshing insight into the science behind meditation. It will also allow the audience to acquire simple and effective meditation skills which can be easily incorporated into daily life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this very informative session followed by a hands-on workshop.

When:  Saturday, 27 March 2010, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Where:  Avalon Recreation Centre, Main Hall
59a Old Barrenjoey Road, Avalon

2:00 pm:   Introduction
2:10 pm:   Lecture – Dr Ramesh Manocha, MBBS BSc (Med) PhD
3:30 pm:   Meditation workshop
4:00 pm:  Refreshments will be available .

Free admission – no booking is required. The workshop is suitable for both beginners and regular meditators.

This event is a Community Health event brought to you by Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

For enquiries please call (02) 9904 8137 (after hours).

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

We try to do our level best, but still sometimes you feel that there can be some mistakes we might have committed. But it is not for you to be upset about it because once you have reached the shores of joy, then you should not give it up for anything because it is your own choice whether you want joy or you want unhappiness….

Whatever your past was, whatever mistakes you might have committed in the past in your ascent or whatever might have happened in the past because of others to you, it is all lost in the past, in the ocean of the past….

When you reach a certain state, then you should not allow anything of the past to come back. I would even suggest to give a challenge to the past….

Even if you are afraid of the past … or you get angry with yourself or you feel upset about it, then yet you have not reached the point. So now you have to see it, that you are at a distance. That’s why you are seeing it. Nothing can touch you.

So the judgement will come to you from yourself. “Am I still involved in the past that was yesterday? Is it finished now? Am I even now bothered about it?” …

Now you have become the fruit which is ripe, so why should you worry about things which you are not any more? Now if you have become a full-fledged bird, why should you worry about the egg that used to smell so badly? That is the attitude one must have tpwards oneself, the confidence within oneself.

Shri Mataji

A new year, a new start.

If one of your New Year resolutions was to learn how to meditate or to get back to meditating, now is the perfect time to come along to our free weekly meditation classes and courses.  Our meditation is very easy to do and you are welcome to join us to experience the peace it offers.

Course locations throughout Australia
For locations and phone numbers of our classes and courses, please click here.   To confirm details, simply choose a convenient location and phone the number provided for that class.

About our classes and courses
– Simple meditation techniques
– Suitable for both beginners and regulars
– No prior knowledge is necessary
– New people come along most weeks, and so everything is explained
– Join in at any time
– Chairs provided
– Always free of charge.

During the year we will email details of special events such as workshops, film showings and music events.

We hope we see you soon!

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