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Shri Mataji

If you want to be positive, it is very easy. And for that you should see, “Where is your attention?” Are you only seeing problems or are you seeing some fun in it? There are people who cannot make fun of anything. If it is a sunny day, they will cry, “Oh God, what a sunny day!” And if it is a day with clouds, they will say, “Oh, what a day!” Nothing can please them.

But to enjoy the positivity in every negativity is the capacity of a Sahaja yogi. The negativity does not exist. It is an ignorance. Also, it is not ignorance because ignorance also does not exist. If everything is the All-pervading Power, then how can there be ignorance? But supposing, in the folds of this power, if you hide, run away, you will say that there is negativity. It is like, you hide yourself in a cave, close it properly and say that there is no sun.

Shri Mataji, Galate, Italy, 6 August, 1989

Sahaja Yoga Meditation class at Cairns, Australia

Sahaja Yoga in Cairns is offering a new time slot for the regular program that is held at the Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre.

At the sessions, participants are shown how to achieve mental stillness in their meditations. This process is a very simple one that allows the participants to experience true meditation, known as thoughtless awareness. Regular practice of this meditation helps in reducing stress and achieving balance in our lives. In this way, we can experience better health, improved relationships and greater wellbeing.

The new meeting  details are provided below:

Time: Wednesdays, 6.30 to 7.30 pm

Where: Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre

Lot 2, Reed Rd, Trinity Park

Cost: Always free

Enquiries: Telephone 1300 724252

We hope to see you there.

(Photograph: Vishnu Bonneau)

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