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ShriMataji18-L Seeker is that special category, as I have told you, who is aware that you have to seek something more than material well-being or the power or the so-called pleasures of life. There’s a special category born out of the people who have had this seeking before, before they came on this earth, and they had this seeking. They worked it out, and today they are ready to receive the knowledge.

Now this knowledge is not the knowledge that you can know through your brains. Whatever you can know through your brains is all limited because your brain – the capacity of it – is all limited. So you have to have something higher sensitivity in your central nervous system to know this knowledge I am telling you about.

Now when we talk of knowledge we do not know that it is the knowledge through our central nervous system. When we evolved to human state, whatever we know, we know through our conscious mind, through our central nervous system. But as far as the brains are concerned we can think of anything. We can think that we are now become the King of England. We can think that we are the President of America. Whatever we think we can go ahead with it, and whatever we want we can read. All that is nothing but a mesh of words. There’s no reality about it. The reality exists in our central nervous system, in our conscious mind, and that’s why the knowledge has to be in your conscious mind.

Shri Mataji, 1984, London


But the greatest thing is the piercing of the Agnya Chakra which is described in all spiritual treatise, or may be called as the scriptures, that that is the door which is golden, which is like a cover, and no one can pass through that, so constricted is this door of Agnya Chakra. But Christ did cross that. His crossing has helped us today to open your Agnya. Without opening the Agnya you cannot go to Sahasrara. And this was done so easily in your case, only because Christ could go through all that torture and all that brutality, and crossed over. How much we should be indebted to Him, I don’t know words that can express, because He is the One who took lead in telling people that “You seek. You seek and you’ll find.” And then He says that “You have to come and bang at the door.” This is exactly what has happened in your case, that you have risen up to Agnya and then you have crossed beyond Agnya. This crossing of Agnya was not at all difficult for you, though by your own ideas of thinking and of conditioning, of the futuristic planning and all that, it was a big, big crowd, I should say, of very black clouds were hovering on the Agnya. Your thoughts were overpowering you, and you could not have penetrated through this Agnya which was all covered. But you did, and you never even felt that you have crossed the Agnya Chakra so easily.

The first of all, we all should really be very thankful to Christ for opening the Agnya for you. For Him all the tortures and all the brutality were nothing, because His purpose of life, His purpose of His advent, His incarnation, was to break the Agnya Chakra. Today you will find that even though your Agnya is opened out and you have crossed through, still you’ll be amazed that people get involved in the Agnya Chakra.

Shri Mataji, Istanbul, Turkey 19 April 1998

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

All the knowledge is within you. If you only can get light there, you can see all that knowledge is within you. You don’t have to go anywhere for your knowledge. It’s all inside; everything is built in. You are built in so beautifully to become your Spirit that I don’t have to do much about. It just works out. Only thing is that one has to know what we should expect; to be the Spirit, what should be our expectations. And that also logically you must understand. It should be a logical conclusion. Not just because I say something, because you have become a member of some group, because you have paid money somewhere. It’s not that way. Reality is what it is. And logically it has to be reality…

In our evolution we are human beings, our awareness is that of human beings and this awareness of human beings is not the ultimate. If it was we would not have been seeking. It’s not the end of it. We have to reach at a point where something more has to happen to us. Now how do we approach the subject logically? In our evolution, what has happened to us? We were animals; from there we became human beings. What is so special about human beings compared to animals?…

We are made humans beings to feel that Divine Power, to manoeuvre that Divine Power and just enjoy the bliss of divinity. That Divine Power is the Collective Being, that gives us collective.  The Spirit in our heart is the One, which is the Collective Being within us, which manifests that Divine Power to flow through, and that’s how, once we are connected with the mains, we start becoming what we are for. Like a machine, once it is put to the mains it gets its meaning; but this machine, though it is put to the mains, is not aware of the electricity, about My voice, anything.  But a human being, when he gets connected with the mains, then he becomes aware, and this is what you must see.

Shri Mataji, Brighton UK, 14 May 1982

Shri Mataji

You are the lovers of truth and you have been seeking in these modern times. It is a special category of human beings who are seeking, beyond materialism, beyond power, beyond emotional enterprises, because the times are such that we have reached the epitome of our evolution and the breakthrough has to be found. But the way we understand breakthrough in modern times is through our mental understanding because today the human beings are more mental. It analyses, reflects and tries to understand the truth. But we do not realise that mental projections are always linear. They move on one line up to a point and then they recoil back upon us, like science has evolved to create hydrogen bombs.

Everything ends up in  self-destruction or in collective destruction. Even on political level when we talk of democracy we find it has become demonocracy and when we talk of communism it has become autocracy. So where did we go with all this? We have to reflect again to understand that there must have been some mistake.

The truth that is known through our reading or through our thinking is a partial truth, because partial truth is more dangerous than ignorance. Like you see a land and you think that is the road and when you walk on that little land, you fall into a big ditch. So this is when you see darkness, you don’t want to go there – that’s why say “ignorance is bliss”, in a way. So we can say all this knowledge which is extrovert knowledge through our mental understanding and emotional attachments has been the knowledge of the tree. And the tree has grown too big. It has grown so big that it has now to face the truth that it has lost its roots. If the tree becomes so big that the roots are not nourishing it – it has no knowledge of the roots ─ then the tree will be destroyed. That is the reason why people have turned round to seek what is the truth, the knowledge of the roots. The roots are our nerves. Whatever we know through our nervous system is the truth to us on a very gross level. If I know that this is cold then it is cold. And for everyone it will be cold unless and until he is mad.

Now the knowledge of the roots has to be such that you get new enrichment to the nerves. In your evolution also you must get your enrichment to your nervous system. Like human beings can understand the beauty. If you want to take an animal through a dirty lane it’s very easy, but to take a human being it’s very difficult.

But what is the difference then we have to see that we have developed a new awareness within us about filth and dirt … What did you gain out of it is the problem. If it is awareness you must exactly know what you are doing and what you’ve got. So the people who are of this special category whom I call as seekers, are the epitome of evolutionary process, are attacked, are absolutely under attack by other marketing people! Nowadays God is for sale and the more expensive it is, the better it sells. So in the modern times when a person has become mental, he wants everything new. It doesn’t want to concern itself with any tradition… doesn’t want to concern itself to any tradition nor does he want to know about anything that has happened before!

We must have discretion to know there is tradition and convention and when we find anything wrong in the tradition it has to be dropped – I agree there. Supposing you are climbing on a staircase and you are moving fast and suddenly you find that your progress is stopped, then you want to remove the hurdle. But if you jump down all the staircase, avoiding everything, saying tradition is all wrong, and think your progressing downward is a progress, then you are in for destruction.

So it has little to relate to our traditional ideas of truth also. We have to go to our scriptures which are maybe very ancient or may not be that ancient. And then we find it is everywhere described that you are to be born again. But today the life is so artificial that people certify themselves born again and walk about, “I am born again,” certifying! Like in lunatic asylum they certify that you are a real mad. In the same way there are organisations which certify that you are born again. But what has happened to you that you think you are born again? Supposing somebody gives you a piece of ordinary glass and say this is diamond. You go on proclaiming, “I have got the diamond.” Who is going to believe you? What is the value of that? That is what you have to evaluate when you find that this is the truth – that is the truth – evaluate.
Shri Mataji, Strasbourg, France, 9 October, 1985

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