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Shri Mataji

The lotus petals of the Sahasrara ChakraThe Sahasrara Chakra, or crown chakra, is situated at the fontanelle area at the top of the head. Fontanelle means fountain, and there are many references to the cool breezes that blow and the fountains that flow in the Kingdom of Heaven, above, in all major religious texts and mystical traditions.

As man is the epitome of evolution, so the epitome of man is the joyful integration at Sahasrara Chakra. Each day allow the attention to rise into Sahasrara and dissolve within the cool breeze of your Kundalini.

The Sahaja Yoga affirmations for the Sahasrara Chakra are: “Mother, by your grace I am protected from all the challenges to my ascent”; and “Mother, verily You are the Victory over all the challenges to my ascent.”

The Sahasrara is the uppermost point of the manifest Creation. It is a privileged place for us to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven within. Here in silent majesty is the subtle source point for the three great powers that create, sustain and resolve the creation in all its myriad forms. At this point we go beyond the relativity of temporal existence, beyond time and drama, spontaneously in the Flow of the Divine
vibrations. This is the point of Oneness, the realisation of Heaven on Earth, achieved by the Sahaja Yogi. Here the complete perfection of the human potential begins to flower. The awakened cool breeze of Kundalini begins to cleanse and nourish the whole subtle body and the Grace of God falls within.

In the Silence of Sahasrara the whole instrument is integrated. Each chakra has its place. Here the Kundalini opens the lotus petals of the Sahasrara and enlightenment or realisation takes place.

After realisation, you may feel a pulsation and a flow of cool vibrations. This is the baptism by which you know you are truly born again. Your new vibrational awareness signals that you have moved into the subtlest level of communication, in collective consciousness.

We become vessels for Divine power and our presence begins to awaken others. We learn to appreciate the real depth and beauty of people, of Nature and all things by their vibrations. We no longer judge by opinion but by vibrations. Just ask a question and a positive answer comes as a flow of cool vibrations. Just sit in meditation and ask the vibrations. It is conversation at its most sublime.

The presiding deity of Sahasrara, Sri Kalki, is still to come. With His eleven destroying powers (Ekadesha Rudra) He is the final, most awesome incarnation of the evolving principle of Shri Vishnu. Meanwhile, we have the presence of Shri Mataji to awaken the seekers of the world to their rightful inheritance and their
fully enlightened powers. Shri Mataji, as the source of this MahaYoga, has Her place, too, at the Sahasrara.

As Shri Mataji has said, “Without opening the Sahasrara, God itself was a myth, religion itself was a myth, all talk about divinity was a myth. People believed in it but it was just a belief. Now if the will of God is so important, it has to be proved. Now through Sahaja Yoga, after the breaking of the Sahasrara, you have now, for the first time, felt the will of God, which is such an important thing. Now the will of God you are feeling on your finger tips. After realisation, you have discovered the absolute science which is the will of God.”

Pavan Keatley


Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja YogaSahaja Yoga, first of all, is for personal improvement, is for the inner improvement as far as the personal side is concerned. This means your intelligence must improve, your temperament must improve, your heart must clear out, your feelings must be all right, then your health should be all right, then your relationship with others should be all right, your ego should go away, your superego should go away. All these things are there. But this only helps a personality, just a personality that is very limited, that is yourself. But now, this personality can become an instrument, if you can develop that depth within yourself.

But normally what happens, people are very much still worried about themselves, about their wives, about their children, about their husbands or their household … we have to be those instruments … We have to develop that depth within us. That depth is possible and you can really cure many problems of your country if you could just meditate on them …

My working style is different because I have very sharp and effective instruments. Now for you also, it is important that you also develop those deeper feelings within you, deeper sense within you.

Shri Mataji, 1987

Shri MatajiThere is joy before Realisation and after Realisation, but before Realisation there is no capacity to enjoy. That capacity to enjoy comes to you after Realisation and the main thing that happens to you is the discretion. Then, like the swan, you just take the milk of eveything. Your attitude towards everything becomes very different. You start seeing things from a different angle.

Once we had to go to a very ancient temple to see some art. I, My son-in-law and My daughter were walking about. We had to walk for miles up the hill and then, when we were very tired, we went into a temple and just lay down. They were so tired.

At that time I said, “See these elephants here, how beautiful they are. Every one has a different type of a tail and a different type of a trunk. All the poses are different. So many of them are like that.”

My son-in-law said, “We are so tired. How can we look at these things?”

Because My attention didn’t go to My tiredness, but to these beautiful things, same thing – you start sucking in the milk. There is joy, but you cannot feel the joy because the power – that subtle power of divine discretion – is not there. Once that comes in, you start enjoying everything.

Things are just the same. Life is just the same. Nothing has changed. Same house, same family, same city, same environment, but you start enjoying because the sensitivity of your Hamsa chakra is now only for divine discretion and you immediately know and then you don’t want to do anything with the thorns. You only want to gather flowers and you know how to gather flowers and you are in joy.

Shri Mataji, 1992

Shri Mataji addressing a meeting in New YorkOn the weekend of 8-9 December 2007 about fifty female Sahaja Yogis from across the United Kingdom gathered at the Sahaja Yoga National Centre at Blossom Farm. The aim of the seminar was to consider the role of women in Sahaja Yoga, and their contribution towards spreading peace on Earth.

Many important events have occurred in Sahaja Yoga in the past few years, pointing to its effectiveness in reaching people throughout the world.  

• In 1995 the founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji, was invited to speak at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China.

• In May 2007, Sahaja Yoga was introduced at the United Nations conference, “Towards Sustainable Global Health” in Bonn, Germany, where several Sahaja Yoga doctors gave presentations.

• The Centre for Evolutionary Learning was invited to participate in a prestigious United Nations conference, “The 7th Global Forum on Re-inventing Government” in Vienna in June 2007.

• Over the last few years research publications have stressed culture as a key factor in the survival of humankind. (A summary by Professor Mahdi Elmandjra, Morocco, and a report by the Neuhardenberg Convention 2002, on relations between the West and the Muslim world make good reading).

The group identified the need to bring about interaction and dialogue – a dialogue of cultures to ease the psychological political situation, help reduce mutual prejudice and increase mutual understanding. Social cultural values have been underestimated in the political arena of stability and peace. Both passion and compassion are needed in forging ahead in international co-operation.

Cultural communication is the pathway for the future. We need a culture of listening, and to find shared values and standards, ensuring social justice, dignity and human rights. We need to address the hurdles of fear, suspicion and prejudice.

The objectives of the new group are to:
• Increase respect for the feminine and womanhood
• Promote inter-cultural dialogue
• Promote cultural activities
• Promote peace, education and human rights
• Promote basic values, self-respect and self-esteem to enable the empowerment of women and family in society
• Promote the betterment of all in societies throughout the world.

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