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Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

Your Kundalini rises. She is your mother. She is your individual mother and she gives you the second birth. That’s how you get connected to the Divine Paradise.

All this, if it is told without Realisation, has no meaning. But people were given great ideas about it and also were promised that “one day your resurrection will come.” It is the greatest happening for you. It is the greatest event of your life and one must consider it is very fortunate that you have been able to achieve it. All this is because you desired it.

In many of your lives you have been desiring the heavenly paradise. People have been going around in the hills and dales seeking, doing all kinds of things. That is already done by you. You do not have to give up anything….

Life is not that difficult for you. Your job is the easiest thing…. You are all realised souls and you have to create the Divine Paradise on this Earth.

Shri Mataji 2000

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

First of all, it’s important to know what the truth is. You find so many people are seeking the truth, but they don’t know what to find and that’s how they are twisted around, taken to some sort of false rites. It is important, first of all, to know what is the truth we are seeking.

The truth is – if I tell you, it’s very simple – that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this intellect, you are not these emotions, but you are the pure spirit. That’s what you have to become – the pure spirit.

And another truth is that the power that leads you to the state where you know the truth about yourself, about everything, is within you. This power [kundalini] is within you. It is your own, born with you, with every human being.

That’s surprising. If all the human beings in the whole world have this power within their triangular bone [sacrum], how can we differentiate them? They are all just the same. Everybody has a power based in their triangular bone known as the sacrum….

She [kundalini] pierces through and gets you connected to the All-pervading Power of Divine Love.

It’s all love, nothing else but love. Truth is love and love is truth. And when She becomes one with that, you are a transformed personality….

The greatest thing that happens to you is that you become a new personality with collective consciousness….

Once you are transformed, you become a person of tremendous love and patience. You love everything. You understand everything through love. It is not love of some sort of an expectation. It is a love of giving. You just enjoy giving, giving. Everything is so enjoyable at that time, that state and you become so peaceful….

Shri Mataji, 1992

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

The attention can be concentrated now, after Realisation only. But even realised souls have to work it out. This is the biggest problem that I think I see, that our attentiion is so distributed we cannot do anything in a concentrated manner. That’s why there is guru shopping also going on…

So to clear the attention, clear this garbage into that clear-cut, beautiful lake, you have to go within. You have to allow it to sediment. You have to take pride. By its own nature it will come, the beauty. And then you will see a ripple in that lake within you, a peaceful space in which you will see the bliss of God flowing into you, through you, you observing it and seeing it manifesting into the other. That is what needs to be asked for. No mental activity can do that. It is only the desire to be that works it. Mental activity, rationality, saps it. Through rationality, you cannot reach God…

It is said, “Those who will be blessed have to humble down in their heart.” It is very true. It is very, very true that we have to humble down in our hearts, so that it will work. And keep your attention steady…

So just try to humble down in your heart and it will work out. Every time you get your touching of the  kundalini or, you can say, the breakthrough, every time you get that experience, keep it in your memory and desire for it and it will work out. Do not keep in memory the faults that you have had, where you have been.

When you climb up on top of a hill or a mountain, you don’t remember all the ditches you have fallen into in your chuildhood. You enjoy the atmosphere on the hilltop. Make it a strong memory within you and try to keep it there.

Shri Mataji, 1978

"Freedom and Liberation" at Newcastle theatre

"Freedom and Liberation" at Newcastle theatre

It was our first warm day.

We waited for the audience of “Mama Mia” to exit the theatre in Newcastle, Australia, where we were to present Shri Mataji’s film, “Freedom and Liberation”. Only four people filed out. For a moment we felt doubtful whether anyone would come to see “Freedom and Liberation” given that it was election day, a good beach day and even “Mama Mia” faired badly!

Within a few minutes a slow trickle of people began to steadily enter the theatre. This theatre was one of three in the complex and so some people came to see any old film, but opted for Shri Mataji’s.

When the lights dimmed we had sixty-five new seekers in the audience. Our kundalini shot up in a shower of joy as we saw Shri Mataji’s image on the big screen. As I had grown up around this area, this was something that I had dreamt of but never considered possible in Newcastle.

As the film came to an end the audience applauded! Again, something unimaginable. Through Shri Mataji’s grace, the sixty-five people were given their realisation. The silence was awesome. No one left. Everyone stayed and enjoyed a short meditation.

Afterwards, some members of the Sydney Sahaja Yoga music group played bhajans in the foyer. Many people stayed to listen to the music. Some filled out feedback forms with comments describing tingles up the spine and in the hands, an enlightening experience. One read “in lightning” and I couldn’t help but wonder whether this newly-realised person knew that their inner light had been turned on!

Shri Mataji’s humour was subtly at work, as the musicians had unwittingly set up next to a poster advertising a film showing a girl sitting in meditation, with thought bubbles showing a clutter of all the objects associated with the materialistic, hectic Western lifestyle. The teenage girl’s expression was one of rejection. We all had a chuckle when we realised!

As we were leaving I noticed another poster showing words to the effect: “He always knew what he had been built for. Now he knew what he was meant for.” Shri Mataji was truly letting us know that she was with us. After all, doesn’t this describe in very basic terms the revelation of truth that we all receive through Self-realisation? It was a great summary of the whole event!

Lisa Barron, on behalf of the Newcastle Sahaja Yoga collective

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