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Learn to meditate Workshops

An opportunity to learn, experience and deepen

Sahaja Yoga meditation regularly holds popular meditation workshops throughout Australia.

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Topics covered at past Workshops have included:

  • Collective meditations – learn how to go deeper into meditation.
  • Introduction to meditation – a separate session for newcomer.
  • Easy techniques to help reduce stress – balancing and clearing the subtle system.
  • How to introduce children to meditation.
  • Scientific research into meditation.
  • Spirituality in Art.
  • Tips on how to meditate at home.
  • Video talks by Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation.
  • Live music for meditation.

If you are interested in learning how to enjoy the peace of meditation, come along. The atmosphere is truly wonderful when we all meditate together.

Not sure what to expect?

There are practical sessions, guided meditations, video talks by Shri Mataji (the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation). And, depending on venue, there may be guest speakers, live music and refreshments to enjoy. It’s a very relaxed and easygoing atmosphere. It’s meditation based, not ‘exercise’ yoga on a mat.


Chairs are provided. No physical exercises, postures or special clothing are required. Shoes are removed, to connect with Mother Earth.

I’m interested but not sure…

I don’t know anything about meditation! You certainly won’t be alone! Most people come with no prior knowledge of meditation at all. There is a separate introductory session for beginners, with everything explained.

Are the topics always the same?

No, each workshop is different, with new topics added each time. Subjects range from how to enhance peaceful meditation; practical clearing sessions; Sahaja Yoga and the family; how to clear yourself and others. There is always collective meditation to enjoy.

Who goes to workshops?

It’s a nice, friendly bunch of ordinary people of all ages, everything from family groups to business people. There are separate sessions for beginners and regulars. Friends and family are also welcome to attend.

How many people attend?

Usually a big group, with many who’ve never been before (heard about it via internet, friends or family), plus some who’ve been once or twice to a local meditation meeting, and many who come along regularly.

Future workshops

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Workshop activities.
Learn about the inner subtle (chakras) system & guided meditations
Workshop feedback…

‘After a period in my life, which I can only describe as most challenging, I came here and found balance’

‘Gave me a great insight into something I knew little about’.

‘Amazing. So many aspects covered – so rewarding. Thank you”. “It was explained well enough for me to practice’.

‘Informality of the day helps one to relax quickly. Explanations are clear and delivered well. Music was enjoyable. I feel that I would like to continue with Sahaja Yoga and introduce my children to it’

‘I feel that I was brought to a new stage of realisation, and really felt a deep experience, I want to learn more about the mantras’.

‘It’s an on-going step… this is very inspiring, nourishing… the key opening a gateway, to incorporate this bit by bit in my life. It’s very important you keep these workshops going’.

‘Wonderful, just wonderful exactly what I have been looking for, superb, I feel I have big understanding of meditation now – thank you very much Sahaja Yoga’.

‘Very insightful. It has made the idea and purpose of meditation very clear to me. Thank you’.