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Shri Mataji introduces Sahaja Yoga meditation to the general public. Audience sizes could be up to 2,000 people. She describes the philosophy of our inner being (the Subtle system) which comprsies of energy centers (chakras) and a dormant mothering energy (kundalini). When this kundalini energy is awakened, our individual spirit (which resides in our hearts) becomes connected to the all pervading spirit located at the top of the head. This process is known as Self Realisation.  Through this process, we can go beyond our thoughts when we meditate. At the end of her lecture, Shri Mataji guides the audience through the Self Realisation process.

These videos are a selection of lectures and self reaslisation sessions from around the world.

Introduction Videos

Various overviews of meditation and how it helps in our inner being.


Self Realisation Videos

Guided techniques to awaken our inner being to establish the meditation state.

Lecture No: 1 (16mins)   Self Realisation No: 1 (10mins)
Lecture No: 2 (12mins)   Self Realisation No: 2 (11mins)