Music & Meditation – Live Streaming from Uluru (Ayers Rock) Monday 9th Sept 2019

Music & Meditation
Live Streaming from Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Central Australia

Monday 9th September 2019

Our meditation team will be visiting Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Central Australia next Monday to hold a Music and Meditation event in this unique and sacred spiritual location.

Uluru symbolises the universal quality of innocence and wisdom within our Mooladhara chakra which is located at the base of our Subtle System. (See more about the Mooladhara chakra below)

Please join us for this very special event:

Live stream of Music & Meditation program
Monday 9th September 2019
3pm (Uluru/ Central Australia time)
Uluru Convention Centre – Sails in the Desert Hotel
(Find your local time)

About the Mooladhara chakra

Situated below the sacrum bone, the awakened Mooladhara chakra gives us innocence and wisdom. Innocence gives us joy without the limitations of conditionings and prejudice, a quality that can be found in small children. This quality diminishes as we grow up and develop a sense of ego and selfish desires. Fortunately, this innate innocence is never destroyed and can return to us by practicing Sahaja Yoga meditation. It is like the sun, which is obscured by clouds, but which shines again after the clouds pass. In India the elephant-headed deity, Shri Ganesha, is respected as the essence of innocence and wisdom. He has the body of a child, symbolising innocence, and the head of an elephant, symbolising humility and wisdom.

The Subtle System showing the location of the Mooladhara chakra and Sacrum bone where the Kundalini resides.

“Innocence is the quality of the Spirit; and when this Spirit within you is awakened, you get the power of innocence, by which you overcome all that is negative, all that is wrong, all that is detrimental to your growth, spiritual understanding.” Shri Mataji (founder)

We hope you can join us on Monday!

Kind regards,
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia

Deepen your meditative experience – Sydney events during April 2019

Deepen your meditative experience
Meditation & Music events during April 2019

Our meditation team will be presenting two outdoor events in Sydney during April to help you deepen your experience of Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Please come along and enjoy the meditation and music…

Meditation Workshop & “The Lantern Inside Me” Indian Music

Saturday 13th April 2019 • 12pm to 5pm
Walumil Lawns
Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo Sydney
(Google map)

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Our event begins at 12pm with one-on-one and small group sessions run by experienced meditators. These sessions will help you understand more about different techniques which can help you deepen the meditative experience. There is also the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your own subtle system.

At 3pm there will be a classical Indian music concert, “The Lantern Inside Me”. The cleansing and balancing quality of Indian music has been known for thousands of years. The arrangement of notes in Indian Classical music helps to clear and open our energy centres allowing us to connect to the light with in us and experience true meditation. Bring your family and friends!

Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Hyde Park

Tuesday 23rd April 2019 • 12pm – 4pm
Hyde Park North, near the Archibald Fountain
Corner of Macquarie Street and St James Road Sydney
(Google map)

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Our meditation stall will be located in Hyde Park which is in the heart of central Sydney. If you work, or are visiting the city, then please drop by to enjoy a lunchtime meditation. Bring your family and friends!

More info…
  • Free – No booking required.
  • Enquiries: Call Jenny on 0425 324 265
  • Our News & Events

We hope to see you soon!

Kind regards,
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Sydney

An Evening of World Music & Meditation in Western Sydney – Saturday 14th July 2018

An Evening of World Music & Meditation

Saturday 14th July, 2018 • 7pm to 9pm
Melrose Hall
169 Great Western Highway, Emu Plains, Western Sydney
(Google map)

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Enjoy the most uplifting music from all over the World • A joyful mix of rhythms, styles and instruments • An unforgettable event suitable for the whole family • An experience of true meditation to stop your thoughts.

About the Music

Sahaja Yoga Meditation will host an evening of music and meditation. Our renowned Music of Joy group will present their delightful and vibrant songs taken from countries from all over the globe. Their music can awaken and enlighten the spirit within and one can feel both meditative, joyous and uplifted in a most effortless and spontaneous way.

About the Meditation

The evening will include guided meditations to help reduce stress and achieve the peace of true meditation. Free follow-up meditation classes will be available.

Music from the Music of Joy group

A selection of MOJ’s music. Over the past 20 years, they have released five albums. Enjoy a peaceful meditation while listening to their music by sitting on a chair, or floor, with shoes removed and the hands palm up on your lap.

For more music from Music of Joy and our other musicians, visit the Meditation Music section of our Resources area.

More information

Best wishes,
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia

Sydney meditation & music concert – 21st April 2018

Enjoy Music, Dance & Meditation!
Sydney meditation & music concert

Saturday 21st April, 2018
7:30pm to 9:30pm
Newtown Neighbourhood Centre
1 Bedford St Newtown
(Goolge map)
See Parking info below

Enjoy dance, music and meditation and a performance by Indian Sahaja Yogi, Archana Srikranth, a professional Indian classical singer and dancer.
Our Music of Joy group will also present their enjoyable and enlightening music from around the world. It’ll be a great night… so please join us!

“To have the sense of music that not only entertains, but elevates you, takes you to higher realms of your existence. That is music.
…through music, vibrations can be spread much faster. And they can be also easily penetrate into your being.”
Quotes from Shri Mataji – founder

  • Free • Everyone welcome • No booking required
  • Light supper served afterwards
  • Phone: 0425 324 265
  • Ongoing free follow-up meditation classes in many locations
  • Presented by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia.

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All Parking facilities near Newtown venue. Please ring them first to find out rates and timings.

Off Street Parking around Federation Road and Australia Street ( around open ground )

Secure Parking – Dendy Newtown Car Park
Website Directions

Address: 261-263 King Street (entry via Lennox Street), Newtown
Phone: 1300 727 483

Secure Parking – Newtown Central Car Park
Website Directions

Address: 328/330 King St, Newtown
Phone: 1300 727 483

Secure Parking – Royal Prince Alfred Medical Centre Car Park
Website Directions

Address: Royal Prince Alfred Medical Centre, Missenden Road, Camperdown
Phone: (02) 8912 4900

Wilson Parking
Website Directions

Address: 119-143 Missenden Rd, Camperdown
Phone: 1800 727 546

See you on Saturday in Newtown!

Kind regards,
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia


Celebrating Harmony Day in Sydney – Tuesday 3rd April, 2018

Celebrating Harmony Day in Sydney

Integration – A Concert for Cultural Harmony & Peace

Musicians, poets and spiritual leaders will unite to share the global message of peace and harmony.

Tuesday 3rd April, 2018
6:30pm to 8:30pm
The Connection Rhodes
30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes Sydney

(Google map)

You are warmly invited to this special concert event in honour of Harmony Week. The concert will provide a wonderful celebration of the beauty of the multicultural fabric that makes Australia one of the greatest multicultural countries in the world. Celebrate the coming together of people from diverse communities that have so enriched our nation. The event will include a guided meditation presented by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Australia.

Our Performers

Tatiana Rasa
A Lithuanian born Soprano, Tatiana currently has an engagement with the Tiroler Landes theatre in Innsbruck and has been touring through Europe and China in various roles (e.g. Liu, Donna Anna, Manon) as well as performing at the renowned Glyndebourne Opera Festival.

Music of Joy
A unique, multicultural band of over twenty musicians. The band’s repertoire is as vast and diverse as its members, transcending cultural boundaries and ranging from traditional Indian bhajans through to melodic Chinese, Russian and African folk songs.

Gaspar Hunt
Gaspar studied piano at the Royal Academy of Music in London and the Trinity College of Music. In 2008, he appeared as a concert soloist for the BBC series Maestro and has since performed concertos with various orchestras. He has performed in England, India and Australia.

Vimala Rowe
A renowned singer on the London Jazz scene. Vimala wrote and recorded an album with guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel and won the Indy Music award for Best Soul, Jazz, Funk act in 2008. Her mix of Jazz sophistication and swing, soulful passion and a hint of Indian exoticism is enthralling.

Celebrating Harmony Day

Harmony Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Australia’s rich and vibrant cultural diversity.


Harmony Day message by Christian Porter, Social Services Minister

Free event • No booking required • Enquiries: [email protected]

More about Harmony Day at

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