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Sahaja Yogis meditating at the Ganesha Swayambhu, GanapatipuleKonkan is the coastal plain between Mumbai and Goa in Maharashta, India. Ganapatipule, a place of pilgrimage for Sahaja yogis for many years, is situated in Konkan. Ganapatipule was chosen by Shri Mataji because of the presence of a Shri Ganesha Swayambhu.

Sahaja Yoga events have been taking place on a regular basis for the last seven years or more in this area and a number of new Sahaja Yoga centres have been established there as a result.

The report below tells the story of  recent Sahaja Yoga programs in Konkan. 

“On the weekend of 15 February 2008 we, a small group of Sahaja Yogis from Mumbai, went to the Konkan Agricultural College to give realisation. About 1,500 students got their realisation as well as the Principal and all the staff. We showed them some research on sunflowers treated with vibrated water which gave a higher yield, and trees affected by acid rain treated in the same way, done by Dr Mylany in Austria some years ago, and they were very impressed.

On the weekend of the 1st March there was a mela (fair) at a swayambhu, Anganewadi Taluka Malvan, a Devi temple in southern Maharashtra, in the village of Bharadi, between Goa and Ratnagiri, near Ganapatipule.  We had a Sahaja stall to give realisation to people who came to pray there. We distributed about 15,000 leaflets, and were given the balcony of the local school, because the stall was too small. We put the photo of Shri Mataji on the balcony and gave realisation to crowds of people, in batches.

We are not sure how many people got their realisation – we were too busy to count – but probably about 10,000, maybe more, and there were not many of us Sahaja Yogis. Many of those who received realisation asked for the address of their local centres so they could follow up, because they came from all over Maharashtra and even further away. There were many students, teachers, businessmen, artists, stall vendors and even the police who were on security duty there.”

Deepali Bandakar and Ravindra Gaonkar

You can find out more about the spiritual significance of Ganapatipule at:

Burwood Council International Women's day posteriwd-pamphlet2.JPG

Many thanks to Greta and Melike for their report on the joyful day at Woodstock Community Centre in Burwood, Sydney,  where Sahaja Yoga participated in Burwood Council’s 2008 International Women’s Day celebrations. 

“Everything in Sahaja Yoga is always sahaja, i.e. spontaneous, and this day wasn’t any different. Room 2, upstairs, was allotted to us.  Just as we had set up the room the way we wanted, the organiser came to tell us that we had to move to Room 1, downstairs, because the television set was too big to be brought up.  Dismantling quickly, we set up again in the new room, only to realise that it was much better and perfect for our needs!  We were located just off the main auditorium with a lot of traffic.  We had planned to screen a lecture given by Shri Mataji which was on DVD but when we got to Room 1, we found only a video machine.  So once again, a change of tack was required, and the three meditation sessions scheduled before the screening of the film turned into one long session while the right equipment was obtained. 

The organisers were very helpful and supportive of our efforts, steering people towards us throughout the day. About 40 to 50 people got their Self-realisation.  There were many interesting activities which vied for visitors’ time, thus preventing many from participating in the meditation sessions.  However, handbills for the film, Freedom and Liberation, flyers showing the nearest Sahaja Yoga public programs, and Sahaja Yoga information pamphlets were distributed, with everyone expressing a sincere desire for follow-up.

The meditation session helped to clear the atmosphere in the room, lightening it as the heart chakra opened.  Just as we finished the meditation, people flowed into the room for the screening of the film, only to find the fuse had blown! This created another glitch, with most of the people streaming out again to get refreshments.  By the time the electricity problem had been solved an almost new group of people had settled into the seats.  These people watched the screening of the film, The Vision, and enjoyed the experience of the guided Self-realisation meditation.  Everyone felt the peace and quiet of the Cool Breeze of the Spirit.  Many of the women live locally and expressed their desire to attend the free Sahaja Yoga programs at the Belmore Community Centre in Burwood.

Somewhere in the morning I found a few minutes to get a cup of tea.  One of the ladies who had come in during the meditation session came up to me and said, “I don’t know if I’m imagining it or not, but I am moving much more freely”, indicating that she felt much freer in the joints.  I looked at her smiling, calm face and told her that it wasn’t her imagination but that this is what happens when people do Sahaja Yoga, and that there is often an instantaneous relief of whatever problem they may have had previously.  It was very satisfying to know that we had made a difference. 

No-one left without feeling the Cool Breeze, and right up to the last minute people were coming to take their Self-realisation.  A few women’s organisations asked for introductory meditation sessions to be held at their own venues. We also left flyers and brochures on the community centre’s information table for any future visitors to the centre.

A special thank you to Aunty Joy whose initial research had made it possible for Sahaja Yoga to contribute towards the celebrations for International Women’s Day 2008, “Women’s Business: Celebrating 100 Years of Paid and Unpaid Work” sponsored by Burwood Council.  We would also like to thank the staff of Burwood Council for making our participation an enjoyable event. ”

Greta and Melike


I remember
This grey-haired
English elder
Who sweetly greeted me
On the green hills
Near Chalfont Saint Peter.
I was not able to refrain
From blurting out
All the troubles
I had gone through
Before I met him.
He silently kept
Looking at my feet
And when I paused,
He just smiled and said:
“Yes, but now
You are here…”

Mihai Dobrescu

Shri Mataji Nirmala DeviAlso you have so many powers. You do not want to exert – that’s a different point altogether – but just try. One word of prayer from you is very powerful than hundreds of prayers of these people. One asking is much more powerful than thousands of these askings. You have never tried that. Try that. You are extremely powerful. Whatever you desire works out…

You are so very powerful in collective and also individually. Whatever you want you can have it. I am desireless because the Divine, the Divine power is working for Me everything.  I don’t have to desire. It knows. I don’t desire anything but you have to desire. You have to pray. You have to ask. And the wider you become, your prayers will be wider, for a wider world, wider vision, not limited to your children, not limited to your family, not limited to one place but unlimited areas…

So we become very conscious and alert about whatever is happening in the world, to put our attention there. We try to find out what’s wrong with this and what’s wrong with that. You are not just worried about a small little ashram but we are worried about the whole world, to find out what’s wrong, what can we do, what can we desire, because if we have the power and if we can operate the Divine power then why not we work it out ourselves? We can.

So your attention can go to any place. It can go to Nicaragua, it can go to Israel, it can go to Saddam Hussein, to any place that you want to work it out. It moves. It’s mobile. It’s universal. Just start expanding your heart, your mind and your attention.

Shri Mataji,  Shivaratri Puja, 1992

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