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Music of Joy Townsville 14.8.13Sahaja Yoga Meditation is holding a Music of Joy Realisation Tour of the South Coast of New South Wales from 19 to 20 March 2016. A number of programs will be held in the suburbs and townships south of Wollongong during this time.

Come along and enjoy meditation and world music by the Sahaja Yoga music group, Music of Joy.



Saturday 19 March 2016

9.00 – 11.00 am    Warrawong Markets by the Lake, Northcliffe Drive, Warrawong

12.30 – 2.30 pm    Warrawong Plaza, Cnr King and Cowper Sts, Warrawong

Sunday 20 March 2016

9am – 3 pm    Sahaja Yoga Meditation stall, Kiama Seaside Markets, Back Beach, Kiama

11 – 2 pm        Music of Joy Concert, Hindmarsh Park Auditorium, Terralong St, Kiama

World Music ConcertBe entertained and enthralled by world music from Music of Joy. After this, you will be able to experience true meditation.

Music of Joy will perform a concert at the Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach, featuring a fusion of Indian and Western music.  This talented multicultural group of Sahaja Yoga musicians have performed for audiences, both in Australia and around the world, with their unique style of music.

The concert will include the  experience of Sahaja Yoga meditation, practised in over 120 countries.

Come along to discover and experience true meditation.

Free of charge. No booking required.

When: Sunday 8th December 2013, 5pm to 8pm

Where: Bondi Pavilion (upstairs in Seagull Room), Queen Elizabeth Drive Bondi Beach
Google Map, click here

Further details  call +61 414 555 102 or


Music of Joy world music group

Music of Joy have now launched their official website,

Here you will be able to keep track of all their concerts around Australia and tours around the world.

The Realise Asia Tour 2010 included thirteen concerts in Vietnam, China, Thailand, Combodia, Laos and Malaysia, with plans under way for the 2011 Realise Asia Tour.

“Music of Joy” is a unique, multicultural group of musicians in Australia who believe the purpose of music is to create and share joy. Exceptional joy – jubilant, relaxing, profound. Joy that reverberates with audiences, offering elation, bliss, solace.

Much of the group’s repertoire stems from Bhajans – songs of the spirit, songs of praise and adoration. To these ancient songs, “Music of Joy” has added Indian traditional village songs, music from Pakistan, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England, Israel, Russia and Africa, as well as a number of home-grown compositions by members of the group.

The experience that can result from sharing this unique world music is thoughtless awareness, a relaxed meditative state which can be understood and developed through the Sahaja Yoga Meditation practised by these musicians. It’s an experience the musicians love to share.

Find out more at:


When was the last time you had a day you could describe like this:

“A most enlightening and enriching experience.” Sushil
 “Wonderful, positive…and truly was attuned to the individual spirit.”  Katrina
I experienced calmness and tranquillity.” Murali
Lovely atmosphere and a beautiful place to be.” Alan
I felt very peaceful of mind, which was hard lately…having very kind and warm people around was a good feeling too.”  Indiana

Sahaja Yoga Meditation workshop, Sydney

Sahaja Yoga Meditation workshop, Sydney

These are just some of the glowing comments received from people who attended Sahaja Yoga’s free one-day meditation workshops in Sydney.  If a day like this appeals to you, please read on to learn how you can participate.

Seeking truth and peace
Most people at some time have felt stressed or out of balance or found themselves seeking an indefinable something “more” in their lives.  As a result, many people have now discovered the benefits of true meditation with Sahaja Yoga, and enjoy the peace and enlightenment they find when attending our free weekly classes in locations across Australia.  The meditation is very easy and no prior experience is needed.

Here in Sydney, over some time we had requests for more in-depth sessions, more than we could possibly fit into our local weekly meetings of an hour or two.  So one bright Sunday morning, some years ago, we held our first half-day meditation workshop, which proved to be very popular with both absolute beginners and regulars alike.  Demand simply kept growing.  So we now hold free one-day meditation Sunday workshops in Sydney, about three or four times a year.

A beautiful experience – what a lovely day we had!”  Anita
This was a touch of love in my life.” Carlos
It is one of the most amazing and wonderful experiences, coming to the meditation workshop.  Enjoyed each minute of it.”  Nandini
Thanks for helping me to see how much power and energy I have in myself.  It was really an amazing experience – I enjoyed it very much.” Manpreet
Brilliant workshop!  Theory is clear and the meditation makes it a very rewarding day.” Sandra

Sahaja Yoga Meditation workshop session

Sahaja Yoga Meditation workshop session

Our most recent workshop included presentations by guest speakers on a range of topics: an introduction to meditation for newcomers; a separate in-depth session with mantras, for more established meditators; music in meditation and how it affects mood; collective meditations; and scientific findings of medical research into Sahaja Yoga meditation.  Practical sessions covered clearing techniques, including a Mother Earth session; the soothing effect of footsoaking; guided meditations; and the use of affirmations.  The day was further enhanced with the playing of live world music and several recorded talks by Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga. 

Though the topics and presenters may vary with each workshop, by request the workshops have an emphasis on blending lots of practical sessions and meditations along with the theory. 

Sahaja Yoga meditation workshops are provided free, as a non-profit community service, with very experienced meditators there to help with any queries.

In this age of commercialisation and business orientated activities, I am delighted to see such activities being done on a volunteer basis at no cost to the participants.  This speaks a lot of the true intentions of the organisers, who are there to really help the community.  Keep it up!”  Yan

Meal breaks
Lunch and morning tea are provided ($5 by donation on entry).

When is the next workshop?
Please note, the next Sydney workshop date has not yet been decided.  Once the date is set, we notify people in our database by email, about two weeks before the event.  If you’d like to be notified, see how to subscribe below.

To be notified by email of our next workshop, subscribe to our database here

For further workshop details and frequently asked questions, follow this link.

We look forward to meeting you.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to experience the peace of true meditation, and would like to join us at a workshop, you are welcome to come along.  Who knows?  Maybe next time it will be you writing to give us your feedback! 

Kind regards
Sahaja Yoga collective in Sydney, Australia

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