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"Silence Your Mind" by Dr Ramesh Manocha

“Silence Your Mind”
by Dr Ramesh Manocha

A new book by Dr Ramesh Manocha, called “Silence Your Mind”, provides simple techniques for stopping incessant thoughts that may be interfering with your happiness and general functioning in life. Dr Manocha shares his own personal experiences that led to his interest in Sahaja Yoga meditation as a means of stilling the mind and experiencing the peace that comes when “mind chatter” stops and thoughtless awareness begins.

A leading researcher in the field of meditation and health, Dr Manocha explains in simple and very interesting terms the research that he has undertaken to study the effects of Sahaja Yoga meditation on medical conditions. These include epilepsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, menopausal symptoms and asthma.The book provides simple, easy-to-follow techniques to assist in silencing the mind and achieving peace of mind.

The book is available at book stores in Australia and as a Kindle e-book from Amazon. Click here for details.


(Manocha, Ramesh. Silence Your Mind. Sydney: Hatchette Australia, 2013.)

Sahaja Yoga Meditation class at Cairns, Australia

Sahaja Yoga in Cairns is offering a new time slot for the regular program that is held at the Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre.

At the sessions, participants are shown how to achieve mental stillness in their meditations. This process is a very simple one that allows the participants to experience true meditation, known as thoughtless awareness. Regular practice of this meditation helps in reducing stress and achieving balance in our lives. In this way, we can experience better health, improved relationships and greater wellbeing.

The new meeting  details are provided below:

Time: Wednesdays, 6.30 to 7.30 pm

Where: Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre

Lot 2, Reed Rd, Trinity Park

Cost: Always free

Enquiries: Telephone 1300 724252

We hope to see you there.

(Photograph: Vishnu Bonneau)

Shri Mataji

You cannot be serious for more than two minutes. It is very difficult to keep serious.

The sense of humour is so beautiful. You will never use vulgarity or hurting things or coarser remarks, but the whole thing is so beautiful.

When you speak, people feel the flowers throwing their fragrance at you. Every action that you do creates joy, a ripple of joy. Every movement you create, every rhythm you speak, it gives you joy. At that time you feel perfected.

When you see a picture which is beautiful, immediately you go into thoughtless awareness and the complete joy of that creation starts blossoming. You just feel the joy.

When you  become silent, you do not think much. You do not think. You become the joy – anand. That is the pefect state in which you feel peace. It is so beautiful that you want to be there all the time.

This joy is the movement of your ocean of love. It is the beautiful movement of the clouds that you see. It is fantastic. You just get drenched into it and you do everything for love’s sake and you don’t think you are doing it for love’s sake. You do not see that way. You just do it because it is so joy-giving. That is the greatest thing.

You may have anything in the world. It will not be that much joy-giving as this joy of the spirit.

You will never feel lonely. You are never bored. Whether you are alone or with anyone, you are in joy…. The whole system changes. I just pray that all of you should achieve that state of joy…. I hope you grow in it by taking up a stand on the truth. Grow into it. You progress into it.

It is so wonderful and so beautiful and that is what your Father wants you to have. He is the most generous Father. You can’t enjoy His kingdom unless and until He has given it to you, that He has made you sit on His throne. That is the greatest joy that He wants to have and that is what you should achieve. That is what you should have. That is your right to have.

Shri Mataji, 7 October 1981.

Music of Joy world music group

Music of Joy have now launched their official website,

Here you will be able to keep track of all their concerts around Australia and tours around the world.

The Realise Asia Tour 2010 included thirteen concerts in Vietnam, China, Thailand, Combodia, Laos and Malaysia, with plans under way for the 2011 Realise Asia Tour.

“Music of Joy” is a unique, multicultural group of musicians in Australia who believe the purpose of music is to create and share joy. Exceptional joy – jubilant, relaxing, profound. Joy that reverberates with audiences, offering elation, bliss, solace.

Much of the group’s repertoire stems from Bhajans – songs of the spirit, songs of praise and adoration. To these ancient songs, “Music of Joy” has added Indian traditional village songs, music from Pakistan, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, England, Israel, Russia and Africa, as well as a number of home-grown compositions by members of the group.

The experience that can result from sharing this unique world music is thoughtless awareness, a relaxed meditative state which can be understood and developed through the Sahaja Yoga Meditation practised by these musicians. It’s an experience the musicians love to share.

Find out more at:


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