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Shri Mataji

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IMG0100When you become the ocean, then you are not bothered what shore you go to, where you travel. You are not bothered. You are only with the ocean, moving up and down. That is how it is a living ocean of love, and that is what we have to develop – without dominating others, without showing off.

It should be that the whole thing should be contained within yourself…. It should be all within yourself, and that is the most enjoyable thing…. This is something that if you have it within yourself, you are fully filled within your Self. So what is most important? What is so much needed? Nothing. You are completely filled with yourself, contented with yourself and then you want to share. This is the ideal way of dealing with the Sahasrara, and I am sure the day will come when this whole world’s Sahasrara has to be opened out….

It is very important to understand how valuable you are, how remarkably important you are, born at this time. You got your Realisation for what? To emancipate this world, to transform human beings, to take the whole of this world into the realm of God. That is what you are here for.

Shri Mataji, 4 May, 1997

Christ coming was a great event, as I have told you, to establish Agnya Chakra, and He was born on this Earth, but much before He was born in the consciousness, and that absolute consciousness itself took birth as Jesus Christ. To explain His life is only possible if you are Realized souls. Otherwise, you cannot explain Christ – what He was, how He worked….AR37B2

The another thing He has told us which is very important, I think, that we must forgive. He has given the greatest weapon that we must forgive. Now it’s such a practical thing to forgive. If you just forgive, the person doesn’t exist anymore, and the person doesn’t trouble you anymore, nor is he in your attention. Just to forgive is the simplest thing to do and the highest thing to do to get relief from worldly or mental tortures that we get.

His life has been a story of spirituality, going through all kinds of turmoils and tortures, all types of troubles that the Spirit can go through, to show that nobody can kill that Spirit…. It cannot be killed, it’s an eternal life, and He tried to prove through His life the eternity. From the beginning to the end He showed that Spirit is above matter, that nothing can dominate Spirit.

It’s a very big thing He has done for us is to create such a big confidence in our Spirit. He has proved it beyond doubt.

Shri Mataji, Pune, India, 25 December 1986

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Queensland is pleased to invite you to our next meditation workshop.

It’s a day to find peace within, to experience an awareness you probably never knew existed. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a regular, we hope you’ll join us. The atmosphere is amazing when we all meditate together.

Never meditated before? Everything is explained! There are simple and effective guided meditations, a separate introductory session, interesting presentations, practical sessions, take-home kits and refreshments.

Workshop details
Saturday, 21 December, 2013, 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Sahaja Yoga Meditation Centre
95 McClintock Road, Wamuran Queensland
(60 minutes north of Brisbane)
Google map

Planning to attend?
Please email us at [email protected] if you would like to come along.

Cost: No charge. Workshops are provided free by our experienced team of volunteers, as a non-profit community service.

Dinner: A meal will be provided after the workshop.

Workshop program: Learn simple and effective ways to help experience the peace of true meditation.

  • Balancing the subtle system
  • Deepening your meditation
  • Video talks by founder, Shri Mataji
  • Meditating at home
  • No physical exercises, postures or special clothing required
  • Chairs are provided.

Getting there
The address is: 95 McClintock Road, Wamuran.

From the M1 motorway, take the Kilcoy exit and proceed along D’aguilar Highway until reaching Wamuran. Opposite the IGA store, turn right and then right again into Station Rd. Turn left at the small roundabout into Newlands Rd for approximately 3 km, and then left into Patane Rd which leads to McClintock Rd. Number 95 is just over the top of the hill on the left. See Google map.


“This is very inspiring, nourishing, it’s very important you keep these workshops going.”
“Today was an opportunity to experience a deeper sense of silence.”
“It felt quiet in my mind, and that surprised me!’
“Glad I came … enjoyed the refreshing absence of hype and spin.”
” A great introduction to meditation for me. Simple and concise content.”
“I attend weekly classes, and it’s very powerful meditating in a group. Today was excellent on a such a large scale.”

Shri Mataji

Shri Mataji

One has to know that there is a divine power. You may like it or not. All this living work that is done – millions and millions of flowers which are becoming fruits, a seed becoming a tree, a particular seed becomes a particular tree, all the choices that are made, the whole organised way the chemical acts, the way the chemistry is made of periodic laws – everything you see in this world is all so well organised, there has to be somebody doing it….

Unless and until human beings are evolved, none of the problems of the world are going to be solved, none of the problems – take it from me. Whatever they have done by their thinking – say they have created democracy, they have created communism, this, that – all this nonsense has no meaning at all in reality….

The detachment takes place because you become one with the spirit, which is not attached, which gives you that light, that detachment from where you can see the whole thing just as a drama going on. And you work it out very well. You become so dynamic that you are amazed at your own dynamism. Apart from that, one has to realise if there is a power which is an all-pervading power, that power itself thinks, organises and looks after you.

Shri Mataji, Brighton, 1982

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